Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Meet the Team - Theresa Mezzari {Lead Coordinator}

We are excited for you to meet
Theresa Mezzari
{Lead Coordinator}


Theresa started with Confetti Events in 2014 after
moving to Florida from Italy, where she planned events. 
We are so excited for Theresa to be a part of our team!

How did you get started with Confetti Events?
 I first heard about Confetti Events through a family friend, as Confetti had just planned her son’s wedding. I had just moved back to Florida and I wanted to stay in the event planning industry, so she gave me their contact information…. and the rest is history. I knew from the moment I met the girls that it was going to be a great experience working with such a fun, ambitious group of young women.

What is your favorite part about event planning?
I love that bond that grows between me and my event. It is so much fun taking that journey with my clients as we go through the entire process - from the early planning stages to the moment when they see it all come together. 

What are 5 things you couldn't do your job without?
my amazing Confetti team
my {in-depth} to do lists
a sense of humor and sense of self
an incredible network of reliable “friendors"
my black Glitter TOMS

What is your most memorable event?
Hands down the first wedding I ever worked, which was in Verona, Italy. Pretty much everything about that day fascinated me: how all the months of details and planning seemlessly came together; how exciting the energy was throughout the whole day; and how incredible it felt to see the bride’s pure delight as she walked into her ceremony and reception space.  

What is your personal style?
I’m a huge fan of the “less is more” aesthetic, so I’d say my personal style is quite simple/ minimalistic. I have the tendency to lean away from things that are too trendy, instead favoring items that I feel like I will be able to hold onto for a long time.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
…that would definitely be seeing how happy and relaxed my clients and their loved ones are on the big day. It is incredibly rewarding to see everyone enjoying themselves, knowing that they have complete trust in me to handle every last detail.

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