Friday, November 15, 2013

Sneak Peek - TaraLyn + Brandon Don CeSar

We are excited to share with you...
Sneak Peek of
TaraLyn and Brandon's Wedding
on October 12, 2013.

Please check out this photo sneak peek, 
thanks to Limelight Photography!


photo sneak peek courtesy of Limelight Photography

Congratulations TaraLyn and Brandon!
We love you both and feel honored to have been 
a part of your Big Day!

Thanks to ALL of the amazing vendors who made this day possible:
Confetti Events - Event Coordinator
Limelight Photography - Photography
Randall Productions - Videography
RJ Vida - DJ & Lighting
Angelica Fulchino + Courtney Samnik - Hair
Cristina Servino - Make-Up
Demetrios - Bridal Attire
A + P Designs - Invitations

And a BIG thank you to our amazing Confetti Assistants.
We truly appreciate ALL of your hard work!!

xxoo - Confetti Girls

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sneak Peek - Katie + Kevin Engagement Session

We are excited to share with you...
a Sneak Peek of
Katie + Kevin's Engagement Session!

Please check out a few pictures, 
thanks to Theresa NeSmith Photography!

photo sneak peek courtesy of Theresa NeSmith Photography

Congratulations Katie and Kevin!
We are SO excited for your May Wedding!

To see more pictures, visit Theresa's Blog:

xxoo - Confetti Girls

Sweet Praises

We are so honored to have received
these Sweet Praise from
a few of our past weddings!

Matthew + Lauren - September 21, 2013 - Clearwater Hilton
Associate Coordinator - Nicole Voute
"Our wedding was great, Nicole and Alyssa did an amazing job. 
They were there the whole time to make sure that everything went off without 
a hitch. I would recommend them to anyone that is getting married."

Emily - October 18, 2013 - Oxford Exchange
Lead Coordinator - Kiersten Lief / Senior Coordinator - Jamie Billig
"I am so glad I hired Confetti! I started planning my October wedding in December and
I met with Kiersten and Jamie at that time. After our meeting I was very certain
I wanted them to help me with my wedding. I was nervous about who to hire as a
my planner. They completely eased that! Throughout the whole process they
were there for me, they never cared about my non-stop emails or ridiculous questions
they had already answered for me ;) they were amazing with all the little unexpected
bumps that come my way when planning a wedding. They handled it and just took
total control over it. By the time it was my wedding I felt such minimal stress
that I felt I could just really enjoy everything! On my actual wedding all the girls
that were there were absolutely amazing!! They made my day so perfect! Not that 
there were hiccups on my day but just any little thing I needed they figured out.
Never once was I given any problem to figure out. If there were problems and hiccups
behind the scenes, I never knew about it. I was allowed to just be there with my
family and bridesmaids and just be excited to get married! My husband was so 
impressed with everything they did. He and our whole bridal party kept telling
me that all the confetti girls did a fabulous job! My parents were incredibly happy
with everything! We all still talk about what a great job they did! I always felt I wasn't
just "another" bride to them, I really felt the care they took in me! ;) My wedding was
perfect! It was exactly what I wanted! I am very much so going to miss our meetings
and all our daily emails/ texts etc. So, thank you to all of the confetti team!"

Azita + Eli - October 26, 2013 - Clearwater Hilton
Associate Coordinator - Nicole Voute
"Confetti Events and their staff was excellent! I worked with Nicole Voute
and her team, and I can easily say that every single one of them was amazing.
They were so organized and professional. I can't believe they were able to put
everything exactly as we wanted from the ceremony to the reception! They
brought my vision to life and the day was absolutely perfect! They even helped
me with our photos and made sure my hair/dress looked good for the
photographer! The details from favors to photos, everything went so smooth,
and Nicole and her team is a big reason why :) It was a pleasure having all of
their help. Thank you Nicole, your team is great, and you 
are amazing at what you do!!!"

Rachel - November 2, 2013 - Oxford Exchange
Lead Coordinator - Kiersten Lief / Senior Coordinator - Jamie Billig
"We had the great pleasure of working with Kiersten and Jamie for our wedding 
and it is really difficult to accurately describe how truly valuable they were
to us when planning and executing our wedding. Kiersten was beyond sweet and 
helpful in the initial planning of our wedding. She attended several vendor
meetings with me to make sure that everything went off without a hitch. 
She also communicated with many vendors on my behalf and made sure that
we were happy with the contracts and services that we agreed upon with vendors. 
She was so wonderful! Jamie took over our event from Kiersten a few weeks
before the wedding and both girls made sure this transition was seamless. Jamie
was so incredible - she really went above and beyond to make sure that we were
comfortable and happy with our vendors. Her organization was unbelievable and I felt in
such great hands, knowing that everything was totally taken care of for our big
day. We truly had nothing to worry about and were able to completely enjoy our day. 
The Confetti events services are very reasonably priced, however, I would really have
paid 5 times the price for all that they did for us! Working with these girls on
any event will definitely be the best decision you could make. I cannot say enough
good things about them - they go above and beyond! Thank you to my wedding 
fairy godmothers - Jamie and Kiersten - for making all of my wedding dreams come true!"

Rebecca - November 2, 2013 - Sirata Beach Resort
Lead Coordinator - Kristin NeSmith
"Kristin and the girls from Confetti Events were so great to work with. 
Kristin was always able to provide creative suggestions and ideas when we
needed them. She was able to provide a number of preferred vendors for us
to work with as well. Our wedding weekend went off without any issues thanks
to all of the hard work from the Confetti team! You are all amazing!"

Pam - November 2, 2013 - Renaissance Vinoy
Lead Coordinator - Alison Stenger
"As the mother of the bride, I want to give Alison Stenger of Confetti Events
(Tampa, FL) my highest recommendation! We originally hired Alison to be 
our "Day Of" event planner, but she went above and beyond her "job description"
to ensure that my daughter's day was truly magical. Since I lived in Houston, and my
daughter lived and was getting married in Tampa, communication was key
with managing the long distance communication that took place over
several months of planning. Alison was completely available by phone, text,
and email during that process, and was always willing to meet whenever I came 
to town. She assisted my daughter with so many extras, and provided invaluable
advice when it came to choosing vendors. She had a very calming and organized
demeanor, and handled every moment with a smile and never got flustered,
even in the most hectic of moments. Her attention to detail was truly amazing...
she kept us both on task, as well as the entire bridal party and our families.
I had many guests ask me who had helped to plan the wedding, for it was
flawless and ran so smoothly. Truly a gem!!!"

Check out our Storefront on WeddingWire:

xxoo - Confetti Girls

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Matter of Taste - Proper Tastings

We are excited to share with our brides
"A Matter of Taste!"

Chef Larry, from Simply Gourmet Catering
has contributed to our blog to shine some
light on your menu tasting!

Chef Larry Barrett - Simply Gourmet Catering

A tasting should be one of the highlights of
planning your wedding, one of the first steps in
making your dream a reality. 

Start by contacting three caterers by phone or email.
Do your homework, ask friends for referrals and read
reviews on line. Let the caterers know what foods you enjoy.
Are you planning a buffet or table service dinner?
Would you like passed appetizers?
Inform the caterers of your food, beverage and
service budget. Next a personalized menu should be
created for you. Make sure all the details you discussed
are on your menu. You can make tasting requests when
setting up your appointment, keep it simple: 
“we love scallops and potato gratin can we try those?” 
A good caterer picks up on what you’d like to sample
and focuses on items you discussed earlier.

Every caterer has their own formula for tastings. Some 
charge a fee that goes toward the final bill when you book 
with them. Most do not charge a fee, they are excited to
let you sample their food~you wouldn’t buy a car without
taking it for a test drive. Some caterers have group
tastings, several couples sampling cuisine at the same time.
Chef Larry likes tastings that focus on one couple
enjoying a fantastic dining experience. This personal
attention allows you to ask important questions
in a relaxed atmosphere.

The tasting is not only about the food, it gives you
an opportunity to observe how a company operates. 
Every caterer has it’s strong and weak points, this is your
chance to size them up. Notice how your food is
presented, plates should be beautifully garnished. 
Was the food delicious? If the answer is no, move on. 
No matter how great the support staff is, your
palate is saying no. If a company can’t pull off a tasting
for a few guests, the food will not shine on your wedding day.
Discuss your menu with the chef. If there is an item
or two that needs tweaking, see if your wishes can be
accommodated. Don’t over think, just make
common sense decisions.       

The most important aspect of a tasting is the clarity
it provides. Now you know the food, the presentation
and you’re acquainted with the sales staff and chef. 
You will be speaking with your caterer many times
over the next year. Make sure they are someone you
trust and can laugh with. Caterers are like culinary fairy
godmothers, you make a wish and they make it come true. 
Planning your special day requires a lot of work, but
remember to enjoy yourself, this is a once in 
a lifetime experience. 

Tasting Etiquette
Let the caterer know your food likes and dislikes before
the tasting.  “I hate capers and basil”, the more specific,
the better. A good company takes careful notes and
follows through on tasting requests.

Make sure you have a personalized menu from the
caterer before your tasting that is within your budget.

Make sure everyone necessary is in attendance~
bride, groom and anyone responsible for 
making important decisions.

Take photos of the food to view later, this helps keep
everything fresh in your mind. 

Best not to be overly critical, if the food is
not for you move on.

Happy Planning!


Confetti Girls + Chef Larry

Monday, November 4, 2013

Exciting News- Confetti Events Published

We are excited to share with you...
Exciting News:
We've Been Published!

Please check out the Aisle Ready Blog to
see our work at Niki & Alex's Wedding 
on October 6, 2012
at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL!

Thanks again to ALL of the vendors who made this day possible:
Confetti Events - Jamie Billig (Senior Coordinator)
Limelight Photography - Photography
AV Stat Media - Videographer
2Birds Events - Floral/Decor
Simply Gourmet - Catering
US Tent Rental - Rentals
Destiny and Light - Hair and Makeup
Jon's Bridal - Bridal Attire

xxoo - Confetti Girls

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sneak Peek - Nicole + Alex Grand Bohemian

We are excited to share with you...
Sneak Peek of
Nicole & Alex's Wedding
on September 7, 2013.

Please check out this photo sneak peek, 
thanks to Misty Miotto Photography!

photo sneak peek courtesy of Misty Miotto Photography

Congratulations Nicole & Alex!
We love you both and feel honored to have been 
a part of your Big Day!

Thanks to ALL of the amazing vendors who made this day possible:
Confetti Events - Kristin NeSmith (Lead Coordinator)
Misty Miotto Photography - Photography
Al Dee Productions - DJ, Lighting & Videography
Fiora Design Studio - Bridal Party Florals
Party Flavors - Cake
Magnafoto - Favors
His & Hers Limousines - Transportation
Jess Waldrop - Hair and Makeup
Grand Bohemian Hotel - Reception
Demetrios - Bridal Attire
JWD Paperie - Invitations

And a BIG thank you to our amazing Confetti Assistants.
We truly appreciate ALL of your hard work!!

xxoo - Confetti Girls

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ideas We Love - A Gift from the Heart

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea- with the help of Chef Larry- 
is to create personalized gifts for the holidays!

Chef Larry Barrett - Simply Gourmet Catering

Creating personalized gifts for your friends and family 
during the holidays is a great way to share some happiness.  
For years now, Chef Larry has been rolling and sending
hand made chocolate truffles to my loved ones. 
Truffles are the tastiest of all confections! Luckily for Chef, 
they are also the easiest to prepare. Let’s get rolling!
Stop texting, put down the smart phone and let’s get
back to a simpler time. We promise these truffles will 
taste a lot better than a gift card. 

Think of the truffle as a blank canvas. Your sister like
amaretto and toasted almonds, now you know what
kind of truffle she loves. A best friend can’t live
without Grand Marnier, then a liqueur infused truffle
is coming his way. The canvas gets full quickly. 
That’s the nice thing about the simple but elegant
truffle, you can combine everybody’s favorite
ingredients to create a gift unique to them. Prepare
a few favorites, put them in one box and you’ve 
got a fantastic assortment. Chef's favorite medley
has truffles three ways~cocoa dusted, almond crusted
and with a hint of salt. Sea salt with chocolate is the
hottest trend, it’s like a chocolate covered pretzel
without the pretzel. These little sophisticated rounds
pack big flavor, so you will be remembered long
after the chocolates are gone. 

Use your favorite chocolate as a starting point
Some love the intensity of bitter-sweet, but the average
palate prefers something in the middle. A semi-sweet
from Belgium is the way to go. Look for the Callebaut
brand with 60% cocoa solids, it’s the best chocolate for
the price Chef has have found. Everything you need to create
these little beauties is available on line; the chocolate,
the boxes to nestle them in, you’ll be amazed. Always use
the best quality ingredients and wrap the truffles in upscale
candy boxes bedecked with a ribbon and a gift card.

Praised for it’s many health benefits, chocolate is
loaded with antioxidants, it helps lower blood pressure
and is a mood booster, so enjoy in moderation
(whatever that is). Having your kids help scoop the
chocolate and lick the spoon is a great way to get in
the holiday spirit. If the kids are away, turn up the music,
pour a glass of wine and get rolling. We hope you enjoy
Chef's recipe; it’s been with him for over 30 years. 


    Chocolate Truffles
2 3/4 Pounds Semi-Sweet Chocolate
2 cups Heavy Cream
4 oz. Grand Marnier
1Teaspoon Vanilla
6 Ounces Unsalted Butter
Cocoa Powder or Chopped Toasted Almonds

Cut chocolate into small pieces using a serrated knife. 
Heat cream, add Grand Marnier and vanilla. Heat 
cream to 185 degrees. Remove from heat add the 
chocolate and stir until smooth. Mix gently, you don’t want
to incorporate air into the chocolate. You now have a 
ganache~chocolate and cream combined.

When the temperature has cooled below 90 degrees and
feels slightly cool to the touch, cut the butter into small pieces
and drop them one at a time into the ganache stirring.
Do not add the butter until the ganache is below 90 degrees.
Allow to cool and firm up slightly.

Scoop into rounds and roll in cocoa. The cocoa is slightly
bitter and will set off the chocolate flavor in a big way.
For a mellower truffle, roll the truffles in the chopped 
almonds. The almonds bring out the fruitiness of the chocolate 
and give a good crunch.

Have fun preparing these sweet treats!


Confetti Girls + Chef Larry