Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ideas We Love - Bachelorette Party

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Ideas We Love
Our idea is have a blast during your
last fling before the big day!

Whether your bachelorette party will be a wild night on the
town or a laid-back bash in, there are plenty of ways to 
give it a special touch! Here are some ideas on how to
amp up your bachelorette party, and make it a night
you and your friends will remember forever!

1. Choose a Fun Theme

2. Customize the Invitations 

3. Have Creative Treats

4. Give Personalized Party Favors

Happy Partying,
xxoo Confetti Girls

Written by Avery Veatch

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ideas We Love - Bridesmaids Dresses

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Ideas We Love
Our idea is to pick the PERFECT
Bridesmaid Dresses!

We have all seen "unique" bridesmaid dresses in 
movies like 27 Dresses, on TV and even in Broadway
musicals such as, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."

Picking your Bridesmaids' Dresses can seem life a difficult
task, but following a few simple guidelines can make the
experience simple, easy and even FUN!

1. Color and Theme
It is more than likely that your Bridesmaids will have
unique body types, dress sizes, and various opinions.
Color is a great place to start to give your girls some
much needed direction. Many bries have their girls dress in
the wedding's signature color(s). A really fun idea
is to have your maid or matron of honor highlighted 
by wearing a brighter shade of the color you pick
or accent them wit ha sash of a different color.

2. Fabric and Length
It is important to find fabrics that go together well. It
is traditional that bridesmaids wear the same style, color,
length and fabric, but more and more weddings are
becoming unique and personalized. Play around with
fabrics to see which ones you like together. Another cool
idea is to have your matron or maid of honor wear a dress
of a different length to make her stand out!

3. Style and Accessories
Another great idea is to have the same color or color scheme,
the same or similar fabrics and different styles of dresses.
There are endless options of styles for your ladies. For
example, there is this really amazing dress available which
can be converted into infinite styles. Check it out at:
If you still want a more traditional style of dress, you
can play up your bridesmaids' accessories by doing
a pop of color in their shoes, jewelry or bags. Or throw 
a cool twist like cowboy boots!

4. Budget and Re-use
When looking for these gowns, keep in mind what you
would want as a bridesmaid--a dress you can wear again
(whether it be a formal or casual event) and the amount
of money you would spend. Keep in mind, your best friends'
budgets and if YOU think they could wear it again. Re-use 
isn't required when shopping for a dress, but who doesn't
love to reinvent an outfit?

If you need additional tips - try using a website like
The Knot to see your vision to come to life!

Happy Shopping,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Written by Barbara Delestre

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sweet Praises

We are so honored to have received new 
reviews from past clients of 
Alison Stenger, Lead Coordinator!

Bride and Groom Reviews - May 18, 2013 Wedding  
"Alison and her team are the best at wedding planning. She is extremely
 organized and on top of everything. She will make your wedding 
completely stress free to allow you to truly enjoy your special day. She 
can think on her feet and keep everything flowing smoothly. She is such
a joy to work with. We were so happy to have her helping us plan the 
wedding and to have her there for the wedding. We love Alison and 
would recommend her 100% of the time."

"The girls at Confetti were there every step of the way and made
our special day go perfectly. They really went above and beyond what 
was needed to be sure all the members of the wedding party were happy, 
prepared, and on time as we got ready and worked diligently behind the 
scenes to be sure the whole day went off without a hitch. I would 
recommend them to anyone."

Click below to see our Reviews and Storefront:

Confetti Girls

Ideas We Love - Catering

Welcome to

Ideas We Love

Our idea is to offer a plethora of small
bites on your wedding day!

Who said catering can't be simple, yet elegant?
Offering your wedding guests small appetizers
that show the bride and groom's favorite foods
can be unique and still leave guests with full bellies!

Represent the groom with some sliders to accompany
a great beer being served. Brides love shrimp cocktail
with bloody marys! Check out some of these great,
appetizing, appetizer catering ideas!

Yummy Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Written by Carissa Scott

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sweet Praises

We are so honored to have received new 
reviews from a past client of 
Kiersten Lief, Lead Coordinator!

Completely Stress Free Wedding for Bride and Groom  
 "I worked with Kiersten at Confetti Events, and she was AMAZING. She had one assistant that stayed with me the morning of the wedding to help get ready, and stayed with me even after the ceremony to carry my dress while being photographed. There was a slight mix-up with the cake delivery, and she made sure I received the right cake before our cocktail hour. Every last detail was taken care of by Kiersten to create a completely stress free wedding for my new husband and myself, as well as all of our guests. She really helped create our perfect day."

Click below to see our Reviews and Storefront:


Confetti Girls

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ideas We Love - Décor

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is to Tie the "Naut" this Summer!

This summer has nautical written all over it. Sea inspired 
décor complements this year's hottest season.

Here are a few hints:
- The classic nautical stripe is key for any seaside wedding
- White and navy are two timeless shades that always go hand in hand 
- Add starfish placecards, turquoise flatware and gold accents 
to express a crisp and clean feel that’s forever memorable
- Flowly linens on land or sea help emphasize an oceanic vibe 

Make your wedding totally gorgeous and unique 
by playing up this summer theme. 

Keep it simple or make it elaborate, from
engagement to reception; 
Tie the knot wherever your heart desires!


Nautical Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Ideas We Love - Cake

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is to Have your Cake and Eat it too!

Wedding cakes can be so much more versatile nowadays; 
rather than the traditional white, three-tiered cake
whose most interesting component was the 
bland and boring bride-and-groom topper, your options
today are nearly limitless. 

Shows like Cake Boss and sites like Pinterest have 
transformed these lackluster traditions into vibrant and creative 
edible masterpieces. Here at Confetti Events, we want you to 
have your cake and eat it too. Make your special day that 
much more memorable with a cake that appeals to the eye 
and most certainly your taste buds.  

Here are some of our favorite cakes:

Sweet Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ideas We Love - Photography

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is to capture your wedding moments
in the most unique ways by utilizing your 
photographer's creativity.

Your wedding album is more than just a document
of the day's events. Talk to your photographer
about techniques and tricks of the trade in order
to capture the unique aspects of your personalties
and the beginning of a beautiful life together!

See some sample photography below for inspiration!

Happy Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Ideas We Love - Entertainment

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is regarding Entertainment!


That is the question!

When considering if you want a band or a DJ
at your wedding, you should evaluate a few points: 

(1) With a DJ, you have a larger variety of songs and 
genres. You can play music at a more convenient
pace when and where you want. 

(2) With a band, you get the "WOW" factor.

(3) Make sure whoever is play for you not only 
have live performance experience, 
but also wedding experience!

(4) If you choose a DJ, let them do their job.
Give them a few broad directions as to what music
you would rather not hear, but not too much!

Happy Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ideas We Love - Decor

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is to add some POPPING 
PATTERNS to your decor!

Push your grandma's lace aside and
check out the latest eye catcher this season.

Patterns are popping up everywhere this spring so
why not incorporate them into your special day?

Sequined chevron for that added texture OR
maybe classic polka dots to your 
cupcake display?

Adding a touch of these clean and fun
patterns to your wedding decor may just be
the little something extra you were missing!

Happy Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ideas We Love - Decor

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is for a razzle-dazzled
Great Gatsby themed Wedding/Event!

The roaring 20s was all about the glitz and 
glam, from the gorgeous gowns to the 
exquisite jewelry and headpieces.

By adding touches of sparkling sequins,
polished pearls, feathers and geometric
patterns, you can pull of a wedding
even Gatsby himself would want to attend!

Check out some inspirational pictures below:

Also, make sure to check out this article from
The Knot on 10 Great Gatsby Wedding Ideas
(you can actually buy)!

Glamorous Planning,
xoxo- Confetti Girls