Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet Praise

We are so honored to have received
this SWEET PRAISE from
one of our past weddings!

Katie - May 17, 2014 - Feather Sound Country Club
Kaylea Frantzis, Senior Coordinator

"Kaylea was unbelievable to work with! She was not only 
beyond professional and helpful every step of the way, she is 
so sweet and nice. She made all of the months leading up to 
our wedding day such an easy and fun process. She always 
quickly responded to one of my many millions of emails or 
called with answers to any questions I had throughout the 
months of planning. She truly knows what she is talking 
about when it comes to planning a wedding. My husband and 
I were able to relax and enjoy the day of our wedding 
without having to worry about anything thanks to 
Kaylea and her team! I literally don't think I had to lift a 
finger the morning of my wedding because she had 
everything under control! I can honestly say my wedding 
day could not have happened without Kaylea's guidance 
and help. She made the so much fun process fun and 
helped my dream come to life!!"

Sarah - May 17, 2014 - Don CeSar
Kristin NeSmith, Senior Coordinator

"Kristin from Confetti Events was amazing. We had a destination 

wedding at the Don Cesar and I don't think it would have been 
possible without her. She worked with me for almost a year 
before our wedding day and provided great answers to my 
thousands of questions and very helpful suggestions for many 
aspects of the event. She was extremely detailed and thought 
of so many things that I would never have even known to 
make decisions about. On the day of the wedding she was so 
organized and calm, allowing my husband and me to relax and 
not have to worry about a thing. Everything about my wedding day 
was perfect! I can't say enough good things about Kristin (and 
the other Confetti employees that helped on the big day). Her 
services and overall support were well worth the $$. 
Thank you so much Kristin!"

Ashley - March 19, 2014 - Embassy Suites
Nicole Voute, Lead Coordinator

"Nicole was my lead coordinator and she was fabulous! Even though
I only hired Confetti for day-of wedding coordination she kept tabs on
my wedding and all of the details throughout my engagement. We met
several times to go over everything and she came to a few vendor
meetings as well. Nicole also provided valuable advice and
recommendations throughout the planning process. On the day of,
she had a team of 5 girls there to ensure everything went smoothly,
along with a to-the-minute detailed itinerary for all of the family,
wedding party, and vendors. We simply could not have handled the
multiple crises that arose (and inevitably always arise with
weddings!) without Confetti Events!!"

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exciting News - We've Been Published!

Confetti Events is excited to 
announce we have been

Click below to check out the publication in Occasions!

Here is a quick look at some of the details, 
pictures courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography!




Confetti Events - Nicole Voute, Coordinator
Phase 5 - Band
Weddings by Iza - Floral + Decor
Beautiful You Makeup - Hair + Make-Up
Cakes by Pink - Cake

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


at Confetti Events!

We are so excited to announce that Confetti Events is now under the ownership of Kaylea Frantzis + Kristin NeSmith! 

We are thrilled to continue working with our amazing vendors and clients, and we look forward to the endless possibilities that the continued growth of the company will bring. 

Along with the change in ownership, we figured we'd makeover our brand too!
We hope you love our revamped website as much as we do!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vendor Spotlight - Grant Hemond & Associates

There is no doubt about it: Music can make or break a wedding. It's the heart and soul of a reception and a good wedding DJ will be able to read the room, have everyone up and dancing and, ultimately ensure everyone has a great time. We talked to Grant Hemond and Associates to find out a little more about them and how they will make your reception one to remember!

N: How long had Grant Hemond been around?
GH: Since 1985

N: Where does your inspiration come from?
GH: Our business was built on the idea to give clients the best possible disc jockey/emcee entertainment for their special events.  After 29 years of business, we are still upholding that same quality of service.  Being a part of such a memorable event in so many lives is an inspiration all in itself.

N: How would you describe your personal "style"?
GH: Our “personal” style is whatever our client wants us to have!  After all it’s their event, not ours.

N: What keeps you passionate about DJ-ing weddings/events?
GH: Again, being a part of such a memorable event is the key to our inspiration and passion. 

N: What's the most important question someone should ask when booking?
GH: "May I get references please?"  References are the backbone of our business!  And not just previous brides and grooms but professional references like Wedding Coordinators, Banquet Directors, Caterers and other Industry Vendors.  They’re the ones that get a chance to see DJs just about every weekend so they’ll have a better idea of who to recommend…and who to steer clear from.

N: What is the process like once a prospective client contacts you?
GH: The process when a couple contacts us starts out with a phone call or email from them.  We typically handle every potential client right over the phone or through email since –being DJs- there’s really nothing we can show you in person that we can’t do over the phone.  Except for seeing our smiling faces!  And that’s why we mail out our group photo to potential clients along with other literature about our company.  We will discuss their needs for their event.  If we have impressed them enough to hire us then we send them a contract to sign and return with a 30% deposit.  When it gets closer to their date, that’s when their DJ will contact them to discuss all the specific details of their big day.  Since our DJs have events every single weekend, we’ve found most success in waiting because everything will be fresh in his mind for that couple’s event and also because it’s amazing how many little changes/revisions will occur so we like to be on the same page regarding all details.  Then the balance isn’t due until the very end of their event when they are satisfied with our service.

N: What is your favorite part about your job?
GH: We make a living off of playing music and emceeing at weddings which are usually described as one of the happiest moments of somebody’s life!  We love our job!

N: How do you stand out from other local DJs?
GH: We stand out from other local wedding DJs by the number of years we’ve been in business as well as the number of DJ associates we have.  We have 15 full time DJs that do this for a living.  We are not an agency either so that number is not based on a revolving door.  All our DJs have been with us for years, not months.  We like to look at ourselves as a family of DJs and not just a business.

N: What is the biggest "mistake" someone can make when booking a DJ?
GH: Two “mistakes” that we feel stand out the most is 1) booking a DJ based solely on price (there are many different factors that go into the final quote- date, length of time, what’s needed for that specific event, etc.), and 2) booking a friend as the DJ!  We cringe anytime we hear this!  It’s typically a telltale sign that the event will not be emceed properly or worse yet, the DJ friend has to cancel a couple weeks out for whatever reason.

N: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
GH: Difficult clients…but isn’t that par for the course no matter what business you’re in?!  Fortunately they are far and few in between though.

N: What is your "go-to" dance song when you want to get people going?
GH: There really isn’t just one go-to dance song.  It all depends on the demographics of the crowd we’re playing to.  What works for one group might not necessarily work for another.  We pride ourselves on reading the crowd and tailoring to fit the preferences and tastes of each individual event.

N: What are five things you couldn't do your job without?
GH: Only 5 things??  Okay, we’ll try: 1) Referrals!  Without happy customers and fellow vendors, we wouldn’t be in business! 2) The knowledge and demand to provide the best customer service instilled that our business was built on, 3) State of the art commercial audio equipment, 4) Our Disc Jockey associates that care about each and every event as we know our clients do and 5) Our office staff that handles all the scheduling, bookings and “behind the curtain” work so that our DJs can go out there and help create lifetime memories.

-Written by Nicole Voute, Lead Coordinator

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ideas We Love - Wedding Day Checklist

Welcome to 
Ideas We Love
We absolutely LOVE the idea
of creating a wedding day checklist!

We saw this "Wedding Day Checklist" on
the website of wedding planning expert, 
Colin Cowie, and wanted to share!

Visit Colin's website to ensure you have
ALL of your wedding day essentials packed :)

XXOO - Confetti Girls

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vendor Spotlight - Zoë Gallina - Botanica

Choosing floral and decor for your wedding day can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Choosing the right vendor can make that process a lot less stressful.  Zoë Prosser Gallina of Botanica International Design Studio was raised in the event industry with parents who flourish in floral design and decor. She attributes her success and knowledge of the industry and all that it entails to the love and support of her family (her parents started Botanica 25 years ago). We talked to Zoë to learn more about their family-run business as well as pick her brain for insight into making decisions on the most perfect floral and decor for your big day!

C: How did Botanica come to be?
Z: "Botanica was started 25 years ago this past January. The creation of our company truly was fulfilling the American Dream. Just four years prior, my parents, Ian and Fiona Prosser moved to the States from Scotland. After owning several shops throughout Scotland, it was always a dream of my Dad's to open a florist in America. He worked a couple of years at a local florist in Tampa and after learning the ropes of how to run a business in Tampa vs. Scotland, Botanica was born."

photos courtesy of K + K Photography

C: How long have you been working in the wedding industry?
Z: "This July I've been in the industry 8 years. However, I use to help set up weddings
on the weekends in High School for Botanica, so you could say I've been in the industry longer. ;)"

C: Where does your inspiration come from?
Z: "It can come from anything. A picture, a piece of furniture, travel. One of my favorite things is going to Market and shopping. Which sounds like a dream, but it is exhausting! But I love wandering the floors and seeing new containers, accent pieces and furniture items that help inspire you - it's also fun to take a piece and use it in a different way than what its purpose was initially suppose to be."

photos courtesy of Marissa Moss Photography

C: How would you describe your personal "style"?

Z: "I kind of feel like I'm all over the place. Where I might be more classic and traditional in one aspect of my life, in another I might be more eclectic."

C: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Z: " Seeing a finished space on event day and a happy client or planner. Nothing is more rewarding than transforming a space and having a client or planner say that it exceeded their expectations."

photos courtesy of Ryan Joseph Photographs

C: Are there any up-and-coming trends to be excited about this year? Or any that you can't wait to try out?
Z: "I always love something different. I love brides that like to step outside of the box and do something different from what we see every single day. But no two bries are exactly the same, so I'm just excited to see how our brides and their wedding designs will change from this year compared to last year"

C: What keeps you passionate about decor and design?
Z: "Our clients. We are very fortunate to have some really incredible brides and clients. I love helping them design the look of their wedding and being a part of one of the most memorable days in a person's life. There is nothing more exciting than walking into an empty ballroom on an event day and transforming it into something that is personalized to a couple that you've had the pleasure of working with for almost (or sometimes more or less) than a year...Tied for what keeps me passionate about design and decor is my dad. He's pretty amazing and is quite the role model and person to look up to. He's been doing this for 40 years - I love seeing his passion and excitement for events, design and decor. He keeps me on my toes - I love bouncing ideas off of him and truly collaborating on an event. He keeps me passionate about my job because he's the driving force behind me wanting to be better at what we do. I can only hope to one day have a reputation and talent as impressive as his."

C: How do you stand out from other local floral and decor vendors?
Z: "One of our main focuses of our business is the experience and product we provide a client. We're constantly trying to think of how we can do things differently, how we can make the client's experience better and what we can do to do things better. I think this is important for any company - to constantly try to be better as a whole. We take pride in our reputation and doing everything possible in order to have a bride, planner and/or client walk away from working with us thinking that not only was the event more amazing than they thought it would be, but working with us was a dream."


photos courtesy of Limelight Photography

C: Can you tell us your most memorable experience?
Z: "There are so many memorable moments in our industry - they are almost a weekly occurrence. My most memorable experience actually happened while I was event planning. The reception lost power, mind you, it was the middle of June. I'll NEVER forget that wedding. It was the perfect example of thinking on your toes an the power of team work. It's a far too long story to tell, but at the end of the day, I had a happy bride and - as you know - that's all that matters!"

-Written by Carly McGowan, Associate Coordinator

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sweet Praise

We are so honored to have received
this Sweet Praise from
one of our past weddings!

Katie - March 22, 2014 - Hilton Clearwater Beach
Nicole Voute, Lead Coordinator

"Nicole was absolutely amazing! Before the wedding I was able
to plan everything with Nicole over the phone and she was able
to give me some great tips and advice that helped make some of
my decisions much easier. She was very easy to talk to and helpful.
I also met with her before the rehearsal dinner where we discussed
the day of timeline and how everything would be set up. She was 
also there for the rehearsal to help make sure everything ran
smoothly, which it did. I was amazed by how beautiful of job Nicole
did setting the decorations and additional items I had brought. 
Everything was organized and set up in a creative way, just like 
I wanted. Nicole made sure the bridal party and guests were happy 
and in the right places for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. 
After the wedding, it was especially nice to find our wedding gifts 
safely put in our room, along with a thoughtful card, champagne, 
and chocolate covered strawberries, from Nicole. It made the 
ending to our night extra special. Since the wedding Nicole has sent
me some fantastic pictures that she took, which was not necessary,
but very much appreciated. She got some shots that my photographer
did not, so I was very excited when I saw them! I believe that my 
wedding was so stress-free because I did not have to worry about
a thing. Nicole had it all covered!"

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Video Sneak Peek - Forrest + Sami {Westin Harbour Island}

We are excited to share with you...
Video Sneak Peek of
Forrest + Sami's Wedding
on November 10, 2013.

Please check out this video sneak peek, 
thanks to Randall Production!

video sneak peek courtesy of Randall Productions

Thanks to ALL of the amazing vendors who made this day possible:
Confetti Events - Jamie Billig, Coordinator
Limelight Photography - Photography
Randall Productions - Videography
MMD Events - Floral + Decor
Jess Waldrop - Hair + Make-up
Inspire Entertainment - Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Music
A&P Designs - Invitations + Day of Stationary
ShutterBooth - Photo Booth

And a BIG thank you to our amazing Confetti Girls!
We truly appreciate ALL of your hard work!

xxoo - Confetti Girls

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sneak Peek - Kerri + Nick {Hilton Clearwater Beach}

We are excited to share with you...
Sneak Peek of
Kerri + Nick's Reception
on April 19, 2014.

Please check out this photo sneak peek, 
thanks to Carrie Wildes Photography!





photo sneak peek courtesy of Carrie Wildes Photography
Kerri + Nick - thank you for letting us
be a part of your BIG day! 
Thanks to ALL of the amazing vendors who made this day possible:
Confetti Events - Nicole Voute, Coordinator
Weddings by Iza - Floral + Decor
Collective Creations - Hair + Make-up
CC's Boutique - Bridal Attire

And a BIG thank you to our amazing Confetti Girls!
We truly appreciate ALL of your hard work!!

xxoo - Confetti Girls