Monday, June 28, 2010

Ideas We Love

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"Ideas We Love"
This week our FRESH idea to keep you inspired is...

We love these custom Guestbook Plates. It can be for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, retirement, baby shower, bridal shower... or any event you'd like to commemorate! Wedding plates can be made to match invitations (like this one), wedding colors, flowers, themes, whatever you choose! Custom Pottery can personalize any event and we love this artist's work!

Please visit their  website for more details:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Foto Friday

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Foto Friday
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We love working with Carrie! But most importantly, we love how her work is artisticly STUNNING and creatively tells a story! Carrie is so much fun and we have loved getting the chance to create unique memories with her! 

Here are a few samples of her spectacular images, enjoy!

Check out her website to get... INSPIRED

Carrie Wildes

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the
We love, love, love working with Jess and her team!
They are professional, dynamic, and create AMAZING artistry!

Quick Tip #5: Last All Day in the Sun Makeup Tips

"Summer means Heat and no one likes runny foundation and smeared mascara, so here are some tips on how to have fun in the sun and still look fresh and clean.

*Pro Tip* Always use primer. Primer on the skin and eyes. After you moisturize and before you apply your foundation put a thin coat of your favorite primer on. This will fill in any fine lines and act as a barrier for moisture and keep your makeup in place. Eyeshadow has a tendency to crease, so choose a silica based eye primer for underneath.

Pick a good SPF Sheer Tint rather than a foundation that is heavy and matte. Less product is better for the heat and for your complexion.

*Pro Tip* Carry blot film or blot powder in your person. Avoiding blotting skin throughout the day with pressed powders. Most powders darken with heat and moisture and look heavy over time.

Trade in your lip sticks for lip conditioner or a non-sticky lip gloss. Moisturizing your lips after being in the sun will keep them soft and youthful.

Choose a bronzer that gives you a natural looking tan. Place it on the areas around your face and neck where the sun would tan you.

Last, use waterproof mascara. Waterproof isn't what it used to be! If you're not ready to make the switch you can apply it to the ends of your lashes over top of your favorite mascara.

Have a beautiful and relaxing summer!"

Jess Waldrop
Artistic Coordinator/Lead Makeup Artist

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ideas We Love

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"Ideas We Love"
This week our FRESH idea to keep you inspired is...

We LOVE these Custom sticker labels! You can enhance your wedding, birthday party, or baby shower with any of these exclusive designs. From invitations to mommy calling cards, and business cards to stickers... these custom labels are adorable!

Please visit the website for more details:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Foto Friday

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Foto Friday
Today we are featuring
Kenzie Shores Photography

We love Kenzie's work and think her pictures are simply spectacular!!Here are a few samples of her stunning images, enjoy!

Check out her website to get... INSPIRED

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the Ever So Helpful...

we LOVE working with Eladia and his Delite Team!
Here is some great advice that may help you...

When shopping for a Cigar Roller with Exhibit, Here are some GREAT questions to ask:

• How Many Cigars do you get with the cigar Exhibit
• What size are they
• How many hours
• What does the Exhibit consist of
• Where is the tobacco from- The filler, that is the inside of the cigar is- *primarily from the Caribbean, central & south America, such as Dominica Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras,
• The Outer part of the cigar is called the wrapper and is grown in Connecticut and Ecuador.
For the best quality cigar: There is one prevailing goal; to make a quality cigar each and every time.
• The Master Cigar Roller, composes the filler and places it in cigar molds called Vitola, usually it is a combination of leaves from different parts of the world.
• Then it goes to a vise press for an hour.
• Cigar Roller selects the finest wrappers, should have silky feel, not dry or soggy with very little veins in the leaf ‘
• The paste that is used is usually made from corn starch
• Once the cigar is completed it goes to a cedar box, where it remains for 24 hours
• It is then taken out of the cedar box and the labels are placed to give the cigar the final touch
• Once the cigar is dressed it goes to a walk-in humidor ready for sale
• How can you tell that you are smoking a quality cigar: The Cigar burns slow and evenly

In summary the tip of the day is to educate yourself in the art of cigar rolling, but know that you will be engaging all your senses when selecting a good quality premium cigar:
• Touch
• Smell
• Taste
• Sight
• Sound

Eladio V. Linarte
Main: 813-971-5900
Fax: 813-886-4499
Cell: 813-727-4979

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ideas We Love

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"Ideas We Love"
This week our FRESH idea to keep you inspired is...
by EAB Designs

We LOVE these unique French accessories for home decor OR to personalize your wedding! These burlap runners will add an elegant charm and rustic appeal to any table. As with all designs created by EAB, each runner is personally sewn and silk screened, with every good wish for your home.A Parisian inspired design is then screen printed onto the center of each runner. From Napkin Rings to Place Card Holders, Favor Bags to personalized Guest Books, and Handcrafted Jewelry to Linen Clutch Bags...
these creative accessories are simply STUNNING!

Please visit the website for more details:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday

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Foto Friday
Today we are featuring

We just recently met Aaron and love his work.
Please check out his website to get INSPIRED...

Aaron Bornfleth

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the Amazing...

we LOVE working with Monique and the Shutterbooth Team!
Here is some great advice that may help you...

Experience. Options. Design. Quality. Personality. Picture Perfect.

"People often ask us what makes for a great photo booth experience and we thought we would write a few words about that here. Honestly, a great photo booth is something that will add to the environment and atmosphere that you have created for your guests and help you to have a memorable and fun event! There are a few things, however, that you should keep in mind when making your selection.

Experience. Do the companies that you are considering have extensive experience in ensuring that your expectations are met? Do they have a proven record? Have you asked for client testimonials, survey results, etc.? Ask around! Chances are, if a company is reputable, a friend, family member or even another vendor has heard of them and experienced their services. ShutterBooth will be a part of over 5,000 events this year, nationwide! We ask for client feedback after every event and make all of our survey results available for you to see.

Options. Is your photo booth company willing to meet with you to customize every to detail to make the experience yours? Do they have options to allow your own personal touches show through? Our many options allow you to be creative and customize the experience- we love designing logos, memory books, and adding props and fun! We take pride in making beautiful keepsakes and great memories. Our memory books are priceless and we know that 20, 30, and 40 years down the road people will enjoy and treasure these! We organize these books well in advance so that at the end of the event you can walk away with a completed book… and can enjoy it immediately! Not to mention, your guests get to customize their own favors- they will take photo strips home and remember your event for years to come!

Design. Will the photo booth blend in with and/or compliment your event? How much space will you need to allocate for the photo booth? Is it easily transportable? ShutterBooths have been specifically designed to blend with any event decor- from elegant weddings to birthdays to reunions and more- we are able to join in and add a touch of class! Our photo booths have traveled to the tops of mountains in gondolas, through tight walk-ways to backyards, to the tops of towers and more. In addition, we can customize every part of our booth to match your theme- we can add logos and ShutterSkinz to really bring another dimension to your next event. We don’t have a seat in the back, but this allows us to fit entire families and large groups in. We joke that up to 10 people can “safely” fit in a ShutterBooth but we’ve seen more! Our booths are also accessible by wheelchairs and walkers with no problem- this is great for Great-Grandma and Grandpa!

Quality. Will you have a chance to test drive the photo booth? And, if you don’t have a chance to, have you requested companies to mail you samples? What steps are companies taking to ensure longevity and lifespan of your photos? Our technology and pursuit of perfection also make ShutterBooth an exceptional photo booth experience. The equipment we use is top of the line and our options are always growing! Our photos have archival quality. They are high resolution digital images and our paper and ink allow for a 75+ year lifespan without fading if stored properly. When you compare products be sure to look for red-eye, blurry images, smudges and overall quality of the images. It’s your big day and you deserve big quality.

Personality. Has your contact shown genuine interest in your big day? Have they asked about specific details: color, location, schedule, theme, etc.? Are they willing to address your concerns? Have they told you exactly what to expect from them? With any vendor you want to be certain that all the details, big and small, are addressed. At ShutterBooth, we understand that this is one of the biggest days in your life and we will always treat it as such. We have professionally trained hosts who love to entertain your guests! When you think about it, our hosts will be interacting with your guests one-on-one to give them the best experience. This is why they are “hosts” and not just “attendants”. Well, we could go on… but we’ll let you make the call. We’re serious about photo booths, and we love what we do. If you’re planning an event in Tampa Bay, Sarasota or Orlando, let us know! We would love to help you create a wonderful and memorable experience for your guests!

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a Picture Perfect “ShutterBooth” Photo Booth Experience!"

Monique Turley

O: 1.888.780.8837 or 813-600-3636
F: 813.236.3619
M: 813.770.9132

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ideas We Love

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"Ideas We Love"
This week our FRESH idea to keep you inspired is...

We LOVE these Custom Mat Designs to showcase photos of a couple’s engagement, wedding, honeymoon.. or even wedding invitation. These sentimental Mats include custom mounted graphics with couple’s name and wedding date. Mat Market mats are great for baby gifts, wedding gifts, anniversaries, birthdays or d├ęcor for your own home.

Please visit their website for more info:

Friday, June 4, 2010

Foto Friday

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Foto Friday
Today we are featuring

We love Oscar's philosophy: "photography is based on capturing the small things that bring out the qualities of the overall picture - life." His work is amazing and he is genuinely down to earth!
Here are a few samples of his spectacular images, enjoy!

Check out his website to get... INSPIRED
Oscar Chavez

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the Uniquely Talented...
we LOVE working with Alex and the Voila Team!
Here is some great advice that may help you... 

"Many brides believe that when planning the timeline for their wedding day,
it is important to keep the filmmakers at the reception until the end of the
evening. In our expert opinion, when choosing times, it is much more
important to capture the moments leading up to the wedding ceremony than
to shoot hours of dancing footage at the end of the night. We as wedding
filmmakers tell the story of the day. So many of the emotional moments
happen prior to the ceremony- the first time a bride puts on her dress, the
family seeing her for the first time, the men enjoying a special toast before the
wedding. So, if a couple must choose which hours to capture on film, remember
the important beginnings of the story generally
happen before the wedding ceremony."

Alex Karas
Voila Cinematic
Tampa, Florida