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Vendor Spotlight - Zoë Gallina - Botanica

Choosing floral and decor for your wedding day can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Choosing the right vendor can make that process a lot less stressful.  Zoë Prosser Gallina of Botanica International Design Studio was raised in the event industry with parents who flourish in floral design and decor. She attributes her success and knowledge of the industry and all that it entails to the love and support of her family (her parents started Botanica 25 years ago). We talked to Zoë to learn more about their family-run business as well as pick her brain for insight into making decisions on the most perfect floral and decor for your big day!

C: How did Botanica come to be?
Z: "Botanica was started 25 years ago this past January. The creation of our company truly was fulfilling the American Dream. Just four years prior, my parents, Ian and Fiona Prosser moved to the States from Scotland. After owning several shops throughout Scotland, it was always a dream of my Dad's to open a florist in America. He worked a couple of years at a local florist in Tampa and after learning the ropes of how to run a business in Tampa vs. Scotland, Botanica was born."

photos courtesy of K + K Photography

C: How long have you been working in the wedding industry?
Z: "This July I've been in the industry 8 years. However, I use to help set up weddings
on the weekends in High School for Botanica, so you could say I've been in the industry longer. ;)"

C: Where does your inspiration come from?
Z: "It can come from anything. A picture, a piece of furniture, travel. One of my favorite things is going to Market and shopping. Which sounds like a dream, but it is exhausting! But I love wandering the floors and seeing new containers, accent pieces and furniture items that help inspire you - it's also fun to take a piece and use it in a different way than what its purpose was initially suppose to be."

photos courtesy of Marissa Moss Photography

C: How would you describe your personal "style"?

Z: "I kind of feel like I'm all over the place. Where I might be more classic and traditional in one aspect of my life, in another I might be more eclectic."

C: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Z: " Seeing a finished space on event day and a happy client or planner. Nothing is more rewarding than transforming a space and having a client or planner say that it exceeded their expectations."

photos courtesy of Ryan Joseph Photographs

C: Are there any up-and-coming trends to be excited about this year? Or any that you can't wait to try out?
Z: "I always love something different. I love brides that like to step outside of the box and do something different from what we see every single day. But no two bries are exactly the same, so I'm just excited to see how our brides and their wedding designs will change from this year compared to last year"

C: What keeps you passionate about decor and design?
Z: "Our clients. We are very fortunate to have some really incredible brides and clients. I love helping them design the look of their wedding and being a part of one of the most memorable days in a person's life. There is nothing more exciting than walking into an empty ballroom on an event day and transforming it into something that is personalized to a couple that you've had the pleasure of working with for almost (or sometimes more or less) than a year...Tied for what keeps me passionate about design and decor is my dad. He's pretty amazing and is quite the role model and person to look up to. He's been doing this for 40 years - I love seeing his passion and excitement for events, design and decor. He keeps me on my toes - I love bouncing ideas off of him and truly collaborating on an event. He keeps me passionate about my job because he's the driving force behind me wanting to be better at what we do. I can only hope to one day have a reputation and talent as impressive as his."

C: How do you stand out from other local floral and decor vendors?
Z: "One of our main focuses of our business is the experience and product we provide a client. We're constantly trying to think of how we can do things differently, how we can make the client's experience better and what we can do to do things better. I think this is important for any company - to constantly try to be better as a whole. We take pride in our reputation and doing everything possible in order to have a bride, planner and/or client walk away from working with us thinking that not only was the event more amazing than they thought it would be, but working with us was a dream."


photos courtesy of Limelight Photography

C: Can you tell us your most memorable experience?
Z: "There are so many memorable moments in our industry - they are almost a weekly occurrence. My most memorable experience actually happened while I was event planning. The reception lost power, mind you, it was the middle of June. I'll NEVER forget that wedding. It was the perfect example of thinking on your toes an the power of team work. It's a far too long story to tell, but at the end of the day, I had a happy bride and - as you know - that's all that matters!"

-Written by Carly McGowan, Associate Coordinator

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