Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pro Tip Thursday

Welcome to
Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the
Spectacular Tampa Makeup Artist... Jess Waldrop

We love, love, love working with Jess and her team!
They are professional, dynamic, and create AMAZING artistry!
Quick Tip: Shaping Your Eyebrows

"Brows (in my opinion) are the most important feature of the face!
They can make or break your makeup and give expressions that you might not want.

One of my favorite tools to remove hair quickly and painlessly without causing redness are Japanese Razors. They are so amazing! You can quickly remove hair before your event and be able to apply your makeup
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right away. I love that they remove the baby fuzz that tweezers can't, especially for closeups.

*Pro Tip* When using tweezers, try coloring out the hair you want to remove with a white pencil. This makes the shape of your brow stand out and you will see what it will look like before removing any hair.
If redness does occur after tweezing I love to dab on a little witch hazel."

Jess Waldrop
Artistic Coordinator/Lead Makeup Artist

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