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Lindsay Jimison with the A La Carte Event Pavilion

We Love working with Lindsay and the Team at A La Carte.

Please enjoy this professional advice on Choosing a Reception Site:

Comparing Apples to Apples

"As you shop for the perfect wedding venue, you will find that each reception site has a unique pricing structure. When comparing venues, it’s important to ensure that the information and costs you are weighing are the same from venue to venue. If you are comparing “apples to oranges” you may find that what you thought was a good deal, isn’t.

For example, there are a number of ways that reception sites contract their space. First, most banquet halls and specialty venues charge a room rental fee. In this case, a flat fee is paid for the room and all other reception expenses, including catering and enhancements, must be figured separately. In many cases room rental fees don’t include items such as tables, chairs, linen, etc. When working with these venues, it is critical to budget for items that the venue doesn’t provide.

Most hotels and country clubs will contract a wedding based on a minimum food and beverage expenditure. In this case, instead of a room rental fee, the venue profits by selling its catering services. These venues generally include equipment such as tables and chairs, but don’t include items such as flowers, lighting or décor. If you work with a location like this, you will generally be required to allocate a large portion of your budget to catering expenses.

Full-service event facilities, like A La Carte Event Pavilion, contract weddings based on an event minimum. Because our venue provides catering, floral, décor, lighting and many other services, we can offer our clients a great deal of flexibility. Anything that A La Carte provides for the wedding will contribute to the minimum expenditure. Our clients don’t pay room rental fees and are not restricted by food and beverage minimums. Instead, they can prioritize their budget based on their own preferences.

When weighing your venue options, be aware of these subtle contractual differences and the way they can impact your budget. It may take a little extra effort to compare “apples to apples,” but it’s well worth it."

Lindsay Jimison

Wedding & Events Planner
A La Carte Event Pavilion
Ph 813.831.5390 x1711 Fx 813.806.0784

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