Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
This week we are featuring the talented...
Christy McDonie Makeup Artist

With some professional Makeup advice for you:

"A few things that I find that some brides often over look in regards to their makeup for their big day is..
Making sure you drink plenty of water every day, as this will leave your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Also, exfoliating your skin at night a few times a week then using a nice cream or moisturizer afterwards is essential. Exfoliating will slosh off any dead skin cells and help your moisturizer penetrate better.
This will make your skin feell smooth and leave it more radiant...
and will even out the skins imperfections over time.

Doing these few steps will make your skin look flawless and camera ready for your wedding.

Also, one thing that’s often over looked is making sure you (the bride) don’t wear a lot if any gloss during the ceremony…picture this: your wearing a beautiful pink gloss over your lipstick, you lean in to give your new husband your first kiss, you turn to face your friends and family to walk down the isle as the photographer is snapping pictures to capture this wonderful moment and (gasp!) your husband turns to wipe the sticky pink gloss off his lips! Or he just own’s it and walks down the isle with his lips as shiny and pink as yours! lol

So to avoid the whole situation I would just wear a long wearing lipstick and liner during the ceremony and if you must... put that gloss on during the reception. Where he’ll have a napkin nearby."

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