Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
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This week we are giving you a Pro Tip from "Us"...
as we wanted to impress upon you the importance of shoes, shoes, shoes!!
Whether it is your wedding day, baby/bridal shower, birthday party, engagement photoshoot, or special event... choosing a unique pair of shoes can truly enhance your day!
Not only do a great pair of shoes reflect your personality and help you feel more confident,
but they also make for FABULOUS detail pictures.
We love the idea of bringing a few different pairs of shoes to mirror your individuality.
From high heels to ballet slippers, from bold colors to animal prints, from feathers to embellishments…
no matter the choice your SHOES will shine!

Here are (3) great rules to follow,
that we found on this great SHOE website:

1- Keeping it comfy:
Please choose a structure that fits your feet and your personal style best, just be sure to break them in!
2- Location, location, location: 
Please check out the floor surface to avoid any embarrassing wipeouts
3- Complement, not copycat:
Please think "finishing touch" rather than "perfect match"
The general rule of thumb when it comes to embellishments is that a heavily detailed hem
requires a simpler shoe, while a plain hemline allows a more elaborate shoe.
The same "mix and match" theory can also apply to colors. 

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