Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Exciting News - New Head Shots!

We are excited to share with you
{courtesy of K & K Photography}

We are so excited to share our new Head Shots.
Thank you Jeff, K & K Photography, and
Christine, Femme Akoi, for making us look pretty!
We love you guys!

{Owners / Senior Coordinators}
Kristin Bowman + Kaylea Frantzis


{Lead Coordinators}
Alison McPherson, Theresa Mezzari + Karin Beaudry

{Associate Coordinators}
Brooke Tackes, Megan Stangelo + Megan Daniels

 {The Confetti Girls}

Be Sure to Check out our website to see
our new look in action!

Photos Courtesy of K & K Photography

Hair + Makeup Courtesy of Femme Akoi

xxoo - Confetti Girls

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