Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vendor Spotlight - Christine Wheaton - Femme Akoi

Having the right Hair + Make-Up vendor is incredibly important in completing the look of your big day! A hairstylist will make your hairstyle look good from EVERY angle the camera captures. A professional will know how to make your hairstyle look balanced, full and flattering from the front, back, sides, top, whatever angle the camera captures. A makeup artist knows how to bring out your best features. Highlighting and contouring in the right places will make you look your best. Christine Wheaton, from Femme Akoi, is one of our favorite Hair + Make-Up vendors and knows exactly what to do when it comes to getting it right on your big day!

Avery: How did you start Femme Akoi?
CW: "After I worked retail in the beauty industry for about nine years, I decided I wasn't happy always chasing a sales goal. I wanted to focus more on the artistry side of things, so I began freelancing on my own. I lived in California at the time, and it was quite easy to find all sorts of interesting projects to work on. Eventually I got pretty busy and created Femme Akoi. I choose "Femme" for obvious reasons, and "Akoi" (pronounced like the fish) which is a Japanese name I liked, to represent my background."


 photos courtesy of K & K Photography

Avery: How do you stand out from other local hair + make-up artists?
CW: "One good thing about being in retail all those years was that I had the opportunity to work on every type of face, skin, texture, color and age possible. Not only that, but each brand I worked for had their own way of doing things so I learned tons of amazing techniques that way. I bring a confidence in diversity, as well as being extremely patient and kind as anyone in the retail and service industry should be. For my team, I hand pick the girls I hire and am very picky!" 

Avery: What is your favorite part about being a hair + make-up artist?
CW: "Giving someone that “wow” factor. Making them feel special, beautiful and confident. And also allowing them to relax and feel taken care of."

 photos courtesy of K & K Photography

Avery: What advice do you have for future brides + grooms going through the hair + make-up trial process?
CW: "My biggest advice would be to pick pictures of hair and makeup with models that have similar features to your own. It's challenging of course, but that blonde up-do with all those fantastic braids will not be visible on a dark brunette."

Avery: Are you seeing any emerging trends in hair + make-up?
CW: "Loose, messy hairstyles are extremely popular right now. As if you did it quickly yourself but, you didn't. Of course braids, flower crowns, and bolder lips."

 photos courtesy of K & K Photography

Avery: What are five things you could not do your job without?
CW: "False lashes, Fix + setting spray by MAC, makeup for ever HD loose transparent powder, my Zuca case, and Temptu airbrush."




 photos courtesy of K & K Photography

Avery: What keeps you passionate about hair + make-up?
CW: "Just constantly learning new styles, or at the very least, finding a new way of doing something. Education fuels greatness in my opinion!"

-Written by Avery Veatch, Associate Coordinator

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