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Vendor Spotlight - Caleb Randall - Randall Productions

Wedding videos have been around for a long time now, but have recently become more of a beautiful cinematic piece. Currently, they feature every detail of your day and are less of a video of just the ceremony (shot on your third uncle's tripod). Randall Production's has been around since 2007 and it's his talent, dedication and overall great attitude that makes him one of our favorite Videographers to work with. Take a look at this weeks vendor spotlight with Caleb from Randall Productions!

H: How did you start Randall Productions?
C: "I've always been a big fan of film in general. I was really impacted by watching documentaries growing up and from that, stemmed by passion and love for film. In 2007, while on a trip to celebrate on of my wife's friends getting married, I was taking several different photos of my wife's friends. One of them was impressed with the photos I took and asked if I could video her wedding. I ended up filming four of my wife's friends weddings in a row. After doing that, it was very fulfilling and I really enjoyed doing it. After that, I started Randall Productions in St Augustine and did several of my friends weddings and developed my business from there."
H: How long have you been working in the wedding industry?
C: I started Randall Productions in 2007 and did that part time until 2010 when I took the business on as my full time role.

H: Where does your inspiration come from?
C: Documentaries and movies are really inspirational for me. Not only the stories, but the shot selection and the creative angles get me excited!

H: How would you describe your personal "style"?
C: I'm a few different styles. I use the documentary style where I'm capturing the "meat and potatoes" shots (exchanging of vows, kiss, first dance, etc.). I also use the cinematic style. Cinematic is using a lot more of the creative shots (getting down on the floor, getting a slider shot where the camera moves across the ground, close ups of the bride and groom flirting, etc.). It's my combination of these two styles that makes it all one good looking film. 

H: What keeps you passionate about filming events?
C: The relationships that I develop with the bride and groom during the planning process and filming their wedding day and getting to know their family. I have yet to meet a family that I haven't connected with. I really like meeting new people and learning their story and telling it through my skills of videography.

H: How do you stand out from other videographers?
C: Not only my film style, but my equipment and my background. A lot of videographers will take on the approach of holding their camera at eye level the whole time. In order to get the true cinematic shots you have to be at all corners of a situation at an event or wedding which is what I do. Also, I think my biggest asset is my ability to make the bride and groom feel comfortable in front of the camera. There are a lot of videographers that are very technical, but don't bring much personality, I love to make my bride and groom laugh in front of the camera or make them feel like they can just be themselves and that is when the true emotion comes out on film.

H: What is the biggest "mistake" made when people choose a videographer?
C:  I think it's just when they decide to not get a videographer. At the end of the day, all you will have is photographs and a video of your big day. I think, if you could cut back on some other details to spend that money on something that captures the raw emotion of the day then that's really important.  Even if a bride and groom cannot afford to use Randall Productions, I will recommend another company for them to use that they can afford because I think that they need to have someone video their day, even if it is not me.

H: Are you seeing any emerging trends in the videography industry?
C: The wedding trailers are the biggest thing going right now which is a highlight video (2-5 minutes) of the wedding day. Really, the emerging trend is the equipment that is used to film and the shot selection. A lot of the newer shots, you can see that it's not just on the tripod. Camera movement really brings the whole film alive. It makes it more like an actual movie. 

H: What is the process like once a prospective client contacts you regarding videography?
C: Usually, I will shoot the bride and groom an email about what I am about and the different packages I have available. Then we will schedule a meeting to meet up and we will either meet in person or over the phone. We discuss what I do and I will ask them what it is about video that appeals to them for their wedding day. That really gives me a good insight into what they want from me. Every single bride is different and I can't give them exactly what they want by just showing up the day of the wedding and shooting it. I like to hear from the couple to get an idea about what they want out of the video.
H: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
C: Probably, shooting the ceremony because you want to be at all different angles to make sure you don't miss any shots. Also, as a videographer, the post shoot editing is also challenging. It is very time consuming and that is why a lot of people don't pursue videography because you have to watch these clips over and over again to find the right shots. With my personality and love for it, I really don't mind it!

H: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
C: Definitely, the couple seeing the film! I always get a review afterwards how they burst into tears when they watched it. It's really rewarding because that means that I've done my job and captured the moment.
H: Can you tell us your most memorable experience?
C: Probably a couple that I met at a bridal show who was getting married on the same day as my wife and I at the same venue as we did, so we instantly connected. I met with them a few times and we talked about their story. This couple actually met on E-Harmony. They wanted me to film them telling their story about how they met so that they could show all of their family and friends at the reception. That was the coolest thing- not only to film their wedding but to have this love story that I filmed shown at the reception!

H: Are you able to attend a wedding and sit back and relax? Or do you find yourself always think about weddings from a videographer's perspective?
C: Of course! I do critique when I see other videographers working a wedding. I do like to see how other people work but I always cringe when something goes wrong and I think " Oh I wish that could have been avoided."

H: What are five things you could not do your job without?
C: My family background- being the middle child with two sisters going to ballet recitals all the time I think that has helped me to be in the wedding setting and not dislike it as a lot of men do. My supportive parents and my dad pushing me to do what I want to do. My wife, being in law school, has helped me to run the administrative side if my business and of course she supports me in all other aspects of my job. Of course, the bride and grooms allowing me to film their day. I couldn't fathom being involved without them being honest and trusting me with their wedding day. They put their special day on the line by hiring me so every wedding I do feels like such a honor. And finally, without the help of Best Buy giving me 18 months with no APR lets me afford a product that I couldn't have otherwise.  =)

-Written by Heather McBride, Associate Coordinator

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