Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ideas We Love - Honeymoon

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is to create a unique
wedding registry!

If you are looking through departments stores for your registry
and realize you already have most of the items you need
or want and are worrying how you will pay for your
honeymoon with all of your money being spent on the
wedding night?

Honeyfund.com is a registry website where family and
friends can contribute to your honeymoon and can allow you
to travel the way you most desire! You can set-up different
categories (i.e. hotel, airfare, dinner, champagne, limousines,
excursions, etc.)! You can also create categories on
non-wedding related items such as a down-payment on a 
house or even the new bedroom set you and your fiancĂ©
so desperately want!

The services go on and on at Honeyfund.com...and they
are FREE! They provide you with printable insert cards for
your invitations, links to post on the popular social media sites,
and gift etiquette information. It will also give you access to a
list where you can track who contributed what and you can record
who you have and have not sent thank you notes to!

Guests can pay with cash or check offline or credit via WePay
or Paypal. It can be listed with your other registries so
guests have options! 

Happy Honeymooning!
xxoo Confetti Girls

Written by Fallon Milburn

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