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Yay! The days are dwindling down and the event you’ve been 
waiting for is drawing closer and closer! No matter what 
the event may be, the one thing that us girls constantly
contemplate after the thought of “What am I going to wear?!” is…
How should my hair look??

Hair is one of those staples of a woman’s outfit that is 
almost as important as what she is actually wearing.
It not only shows taste and fashion but it pulls your entire
outfit together completing your look. No matter what your
hair color or length are, there are always ways to create a
hairdo that wows the crowd and will never be forgotten. 

Keep these tips in mind while planning your look for your event
 to make sure your hair looks as perfect as the event itself!
1) Don’t drastically change your cut or color the day of
the big event. Many of us want to create a new look and
make our hair “perfect” the day of the big event, but dying
or cutting your hair in a drastic way the day of your event 
could create complications. Instead, talk to your stylist about 
coloring/cutting your hair 1-2 weeks in advance so corrections can 
be made if necessary with the extra time you have allowed yourself. 

 2) The Olive-Oil Diet. Looking for more elasticity and 
conditioning? Use a comb to rake a tablespoon of olive oil 
through the hair once a week to create the nourishing look you desire.
You can also apply olive oil before going to the beach to prevent 
your hair from becoming dehydrated from the sun and salt water.

3) Withstand that burst of cold. While in the shower, 
right before you get out turn on the cold water and let it run through 
your hair. This simple trick seals your cuticle while creating 
a sleek finishing look to your strands.

4) Frizz-me-not. Want to keep away that frizz
that constantly seems to linger on your hair whenever you 
get out of the shower? Before you get out, try to wring out as 
much water as you can and then use a paper towel to squeeze
out the rest. Then, let air dry 5 to 10 minutes before blow drying 
or styling. By not wrapping up your hair in a towel, it prevents your 
locks from sitting in a hot and humid space, 
creating that unwanted frizz.

5) The Oktoberfest Rinse. Try this home remedy: 
Mix half a liter of beer with lukewarm water and pour into a 
spray bottle, spritzing on dry hair. Leave in 20 minutes and 
then rinse to keep hair strong and glossy.

6) Blonde Secrets from the Czechs. Looking for 
a neutral blonde color? Boil the skins of 6 yellow onions in 
4 cups of water and use as a rinse. This is how Czech 
women achieve their beautiful blonde hair. 
The best part: the rinse doesn’t smell!

7) As thick as a horsetail. Looking for longer, thicker 
and ultimately healthier hair? Try Mane N’ Tail Horse Shampoo 
which helps you to achieve your desired look. 
Use like regular shampoo.

We Love Pretty Hair!
xxoo Confetti Girls

Written by Bri Howard

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Karam said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. I really really appreciate your ideas for hair care. These remedies are natural as well home made. Hair loss is really a big problem and these are best tips ever.