Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ideas We Love - Bridesmaids Dresses

Welcome to
Ideas We Love
Our idea is to pick the PERFECT
Bridesmaid Dresses!

We have all seen "unique" bridesmaid dresses in 
movies like 27 Dresses, on TV and even in Broadway
musicals such as, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change."

Picking your Bridesmaids' Dresses can seem life a difficult
task, but following a few simple guidelines can make the
experience simple, easy and even FUN!

1. Color and Theme
It is more than likely that your Bridesmaids will have
unique body types, dress sizes, and various opinions.
Color is a great place to start to give your girls some
much needed direction. Many bries have their girls dress in
the wedding's signature color(s). A really fun idea
is to have your maid or matron of honor highlighted 
by wearing a brighter shade of the color you pick
or accent them wit ha sash of a different color.

2. Fabric and Length
It is important to find fabrics that go together well. It
is traditional that bridesmaids wear the same style, color,
length and fabric, but more and more weddings are
becoming unique and personalized. Play around with
fabrics to see which ones you like together. Another cool
idea is to have your matron or maid of honor wear a dress
of a different length to make her stand out!

3. Style and Accessories
Another great idea is to have the same color or color scheme,
the same or similar fabrics and different styles of dresses.
There are endless options of styles for your ladies. For
example, there is this really amazing dress available which
can be converted into infinite styles. Check it out at:
If you still want a more traditional style of dress, you
can play up your bridesmaids' accessories by doing
a pop of color in their shoes, jewelry or bags. Or throw 
a cool twist like cowboy boots!

4. Budget and Re-use
When looking for these gowns, keep in mind what you
would want as a bridesmaid--a dress you can wear again
(whether it be a formal or casual event) and the amount
of money you would spend. Keep in mind, your best friends'
budgets and if YOU think they could wear it again. Re-use 
isn't required when shopping for a dress, but who doesn't
love to reinvent an outfit?

If you need additional tips - try using a website like
The Knot to see your vision to come to life!

Happy Shopping,
xoxo- Confetti Girls

Written by Barbara Delestre

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