Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Vicky is an AMAZING designer with great professional advice on Wedding Gowns:
"Brides usually come to us with an idea of what silhouette they want for their wedding day. Sometimes they have set their mind up to a specific silhouette that will hide what they consider areas".  I always encourage all our brides to try on all available silhouettes. You never know what will look good on you until you try it on. Curvier girls tend to go for more of an A-line gown to hide their hips. That is the most common request and safe choice. In my opinion they should try a sheath and a mermaid style gown that will hug and show off their curves.

Bustier girls choose straps or halter necklines but a straight strapless gown looks great as it shows of their d├ęcolletage etc. When you are shopping for your gown it's ok and fun to play dress up! So don't hide behind what you think will look good try on everything and find out what looks good. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and be yourself as that is your red carpet moment."

Vicky Anglo
Office: 727.526.5800
fax: 727.526.8330
cell: 781.405.5870
689 Central Ave suite 105 St. Petersburg FL 33701

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