Thursday, November 11, 2010

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We are looking forward to working with Puff 'n Stuff, and just love Aymee Brace!
Here are some "Things to consider when you are trying to select a caterer:"

1. Always make sure they are licensed, insured, etc and are willing to show you. When you are dealing with food….its a must!!

2. I feel like people don’t fit into a “package”! If your caterer sends you menu packages, give them some ideas when it comes to your “likes”, “dislikes”, “must haves” and let them come up with a custom menu for you. That way the food your guests will eat reflects your personality and taste. After all, caterers do this every day of their lives. Why not tap into their expertise?

3. One of the most important things is RESPONSE!!!! This is the category most people spend the bulk of their budget on, so its imperative you get quick response from the person you will be dealing with the entire time. If it takes a week to respond to an email before you book, it wont get any better

4. Ask for a private tasting! When I got married I wanted to experience what my guests would the night of our wedding and Im sure most other brides and grooms do too. You need to check out their presentation. Even if you are on a tighter budget, presentation can make it look amazing even if it’s a simple dish!

5. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your menu. Its hard to guess exactly what someone will eat so feel free to add and change where you and your fiancĂ© feel necessary

6. Make sure you get the OUT THE DOOR price! Ask what costs will pop up? Are they passing on the venue caterer fee on to you? Are they charging you to upgrade to china? Are they charging you for equipment? Most of the time someone will be slightly cheaper but in the end they are more expensive and you are frustrated with the hidden fees. You get what you pay for and if you are having to pay for it anyway, know it up front!! If someones giving away the farm, be cautious!

7. Ask how the caterer will deal with pop up situations. Inclement weather, no cooking equipment on the property, how far ahead of time do they get there to make sure traffic doesn’t affect them showing up. Anything you can think of happening could and you need to know how they will handle that.

8. Ask about their staff!!! Background checks, are they professionally trained, how often do they work for the caterer?

9. WHO will be there the day of your wedding/event? I try to be there for every one of them, if I cant be there I tell them ahead of time. If the person who you’ve been working with WONT be there then who will and how will they know the key things you’ve conveyed to your contact?

10. And my very favorite one….REPUTATION! If the vendors in the community trust your caterer then you should be able to as well. Its great to hear reviews or peoples opinions but the wedding professionals deal with them every week and know what they are like to work with! Ask around.

Aymee Brace, CPCE
Puff 'n Stuff Catering
Special Event Planner
ph: 813.712.7833, cell: 813.477.5350

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