Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
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Cory is one of our favorite DJ's, and seriously the nicest guy EVER!
We LOVE working with him and always appreciate the amazing job he does for our clients.
Here is some professional advice on What to look for in a DJ:

"We feel that the choice of entertainment for a couple’s special day is one of the most important decisions. Disc Jockeys don’t just “spin tunes”. They give structure to the evening making sure everything is moving along according to plan. A great DJ should be professional, friendly, timely and organized. Most of all they should tailor to fit the needs of each individual bride and groom. They really can make or break any event. We feel that references are the most reliable way that you have to guarantee that you will be happy with your choice of entertainment. Professional ones like your coordinator, banquet director, photographer or caterer. They get a chance to work with DJs almost every weekend so they definitely know who to recommend and…who to stay away from. When they recommend a DJ it means they have enough faith in that company to put their own reputation on the line. That DJ company not only has to uphold their own good name, but the professionals that recommend them as well! Keep in mind that in the grand scheme of the cost of a wedding, if you spend a little more and get a fabulous DJ then it would be $$ well worth spent. On the other hand, if you save a little and get a DJ that perhaps shows up late, forgets an important detail of their event, lacks experience, doesn’t dress properly, etc….was it worth it??"

Cory Barron
Grant Hemond & Associates, Inc.
DJ Partner Since 2007
(727) 736-2316

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DJ Cory Barron said...

Thank you! What an honor it is to featured here. Hope to see you again soon!