Thursday, October 28, 2010

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"Fall is here and I couldn't be more excited...not only is it my favorite season, but for hair that means change!! Especially hair color, if you're brave enough! As a stylist for 10 years now, I've taken many ladies from blonde to red to brown to back blonde again and know how hard change can be sometimes on the going in side, but on the coming out side how fun it can be too!!

So here's some helpful tips for stepping out of your comfort zone and making those changes!!!

For you dark ladies out there that may need a switch, consider adding a few bright red peices in your dark to give that fall feel. If you need to keep your hair professional for work, ask your stylist to place the brighter pieces where they can be hidden by your part.

For the blondies out there who are brave enough to step out of there box, darken it up! A rich chocolaty brown or an auburn brown with some hints of red is always fun for fall If you still want dimension, ask your stylist to leave out a few lighter peices for around your face. This will give you a brighter feel.

If you're a blonde bombshell and not willing to take your blondes to dark, that's perfectly alright. There are a few ways to feel like you had a change without going dramatically different. For this fall Buttery Blondes are the hit. If you have bright light highlights, platinum blonde hair, or just an all over very light blonde color...consider toning down those blondes with a more slightly butter golden blonde. A toner is a simple process your stylist can do that goes over the blonde you already are wearing!

Whatever your preference, fall is a time of change and whatever color you decide to change to, embrace it! Don't fight it, if you love it everyone else will too!!!


Holly Nazario
Artistic Coordinator/Master Stylist
Collective Creations

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