Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Leigh Photography

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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the Amazing...
with professional advice on: Healthy Happy Hair on a Budget

"Getting healthy hair can be as inexpensive as looking in your refrigerator. No need to spend mega bucks on deep conditioners that contain many of the natural ingredients you can find right in the grocery store. Next time your there pick up a few avocados, a jar of mayonnaise and honey and have a beauty day at home. Just mash up the avocado and apply to your hair from scalp to ends, put it in a clip and wrap a towel around your hair to keep your hair warm (which helps product to penetrate the core of each strand). Let it sit while you catch up on your favorite show!! You can also use the mayo and the honey in the same way or mix them all together. Be sure to rinse with warm water if using the honey as it can get sticky!"

Holly Nazario
Artistic Coordinator/Master Stylist
Collective Creations

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