Thursday, July 8, 2010

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"Lighting can bring your event a defined ambiance! Whether your look is to be “fun and funky” or elegant – lighting your room can create the atmosphere. And the great news is the addition of lighting does not have to be over the top expensive. Now, everyone’s room and vision may vary, so each lighting package will vary. My advice is to have Jamie coordinate with her lighting company to determine what package can be created for your event.

Some things to watch out for: I often find that lighting orders overlap. Sometimes we see the DJ or band production bring lighting that is also ordered through an event d├ęcor company or lighting company. In other words… I arrive at an event to find the client has ordered the same lighting effects twice! The other pitfall that we have seen is that two vendors bring lighting that does not compliment each other. At one event we provided an LED illuminated dance floor to be utilized for a presentation at a corporate event. The production company had multiple moving spot lights. Both the illuminated floor and spots were awesome as stand alone elements. But the spots washed out any color from the floor. That is why it is so important to have just one coordinator doing just that – coordinating. It will save your budget (no double orders) and assist in making sure all the pieces fit together.

LED lighting has developed greatly - which means great effects at great prices for the consumer. IM Events has a new line of battery operated wireless LED lights. There are no cables or cords so they may be placed anywhere. It’s a clean look and relatively little labor. With a remote control the lights can change colors during the night. We recently did a wedding where the room and the tables (illuminated tables!) were all white – a very elegant feel. With each course of the meal the room changed color- soft colors. Then, when the party started…the room became colorful, fun and funky. The options are endless! Talk to Jamie about your vision and she can make it happen." - Glenn

Glenn Goodman
IM Events

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