Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
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When shopping for a Cigar Roller with Exhibit, Here are some GREAT questions to ask:

• How Many Cigars do you get with the cigar Exhibit
• What size are they
• How many hours
• What does the Exhibit consist of
• Where is the tobacco from- The filler, that is the inside of the cigar is- *primarily from the Caribbean, central & south America, such as Dominica Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras,
• The Outer part of the cigar is called the wrapper and is grown in Connecticut and Ecuador.
For the best quality cigar: There is one prevailing goal; to make a quality cigar each and every time.
• The Master Cigar Roller, composes the filler and places it in cigar molds called Vitola, usually it is a combination of leaves from different parts of the world.
• Then it goes to a vise press for an hour.
• Cigar Roller selects the finest wrappers, should have silky feel, not dry or soggy with very little veins in the leaf ‘
• The paste that is used is usually made from corn starch
• Once the cigar is completed it goes to a cedar box, where it remains for 24 hours
• It is then taken out of the cedar box and the labels are placed to give the cigar the final touch
• Once the cigar is dressed it goes to a walk-in humidor ready for sale
• How can you tell that you are smoking a quality cigar: The Cigar burns slow and evenly

In summary the tip of the day is to educate yourself in the art of cigar rolling, but know that you will be engaging all your senses when selecting a good quality premium cigar:
• Touch
• Smell
• Taste
• Sight
• Sound

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