Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
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Beauty Tips 101: Getting Rid of Imperfections

"I have always broken out because of stress. Weddings unfortunately can be stressful, but not to worry! Here are some tips from the pro’s that are sure to cover up even the most unsightly blemish!

  • First, the worst thing you can do is change your skin care products right before your big event. Stick to what your skin knows. Drink lot’s of water and get lot’s of sleep. Well, we all know that doesn’t always happen, so how do we cover it up?
*Pro Tip* Always start with a silicone base primer. This will make a waxy surface and act as a barrier between the blemish and the concealer or foundation.

  • Next you need to pick your coverage. For blemishes I prefer a cake concealer. It can be used on it's own or mixed with your primer. Picking your color can be tricky.

*Pro Tip* Green or olive cool tones cover red. Pink warm tones cover blue.

  • After you have your concealer where you want it, add your foundation and a light pressed powder to set it. Avoid adding powder throughout the day because it will make the blemish cakey.

*Pro Tip* Use blot powder or blot films to remove shine. Also, blush brings the eye away from the blemish and to the cheeks! Blush is your friend!"

Jess Waldrop
Artistic Coordinator/Lead Makeup Artist

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