Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the amazing ...
Bryan Coward of Tampa Wonderworks
with professional advice on Videography:

"Tracey and I came across a blog that shared ideas about Family Video Projects and we thought we'd pass along some of our favorites for you and your family to have fun with! Hope this inspires you with your at home filmmaking!" -Bryan

Family Video Projects

1. Family Recipes
A lot of family recipes can't be written down because they only exist in grandma's head. But if you get her to make her famous cookies in front of the camera, you'll always be able to replicate them.

2. Interviews
Everyone has stories to tell, they're just waiting to be asked. Ask mom and dad about being kids; ask the kids about growing up; or ask grandma and grandpa about the good old days.

3. Give the Kids the Camera
If the kids are old enough, let them use the video camera for the day. They'll have a lot of fun, and you'll get to see the world from their perspective.

4. Yearbook Videos
Package a year's worth of videos together in one "yearbook" to commemorate the passage of time. These can make great birthday presents, or end-of-year projects to complete as a family over winter break.

5. Make a Movie Together
Working together as a family to put together a movie can be a rewarding project. You can re-create a scene from your favorite movie, adapt a story, or write one yourselves. Everyone can act in the movie and be part of the production crew; it'll make for a fun day together, and you'll create a lasting memento.

6. Home Tour
Take the camera on a room to room tour of the house. This is something your insurance adjuster will love you for, and it's a nice keepsake if you're moving. You can also record narration over the tour with family members talking about their memories and favorite things about your home.

7. Events and Celebrations
Birthdays, holidays, school plays, family reunions--these are the reasons you bought a video camera in the first place! Now just remember to use it. You'll be happy to be able to look back on these memories in years to come.


Bryan Coward
Creative Director
Tampa Wonderworks Inc.
p. (727) 542-8614
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