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Vendor Spotlight - Jess Waldrop - Jess Waldrop Make-Up Artists

Hair and makeup is incredibly important for your bridal party the day of your wedding! Hair and makeup enhances your wedding photos as a professional artist will make sure you hair looks beautiful from every angle (making it balanced, full and flattering), makeup will bring out your best features by highlighting and contouring, and they will make your look last all day! Jess Waldrop and her team are fabulous artists in the Tampa Bay Area! Meet Jess and learn about her team! 

Theresa: Tell us how Jess Waldrop Hair and Makeup Artists came to be!
JW: "I have loved makeup since I was young! I grew up in a small town and was always the one getting gorgeous for the grocery store!  I believe that an Artist is something that you are born as and grow into! After many years in the Makeup Industry I decided to have a family. Thankfully I found an incredible Artist at the time to come to my rescue and help me balance my busy career and being a new mommy. Our team grew pretty quickly as amazing Artists came to join our team.”

Theresa: How long have you been doing hair and makeup in the wedding industry?
JW: "I started my makeup career in Seattle at the age of 19 like many Artists at makeup counters! After years of working for companies like M.A.C Cosmetics and many modeling agencies I decided to move to Florida and I found an incredible wedding industry that was completely different from what I was used to on the West Coast! I have now been in the wedding industry for 10 years."

Theresa: Where does your inspiration come from?
JW: "We have always been inspired by Old Hollywood Glamour! Simple, clean makeup and hair. Never overdone. I really feel that fads come and go and it’s so important to look back years later and be happy with your photos with no regret."

photos courtesy of Stephanie A Smith Photography
and Marissa Moss Photography (L to R)

Theresa: How would you describe your "style"?
JW: "Haha, don’t laugh but I like to describe my personal style these days as Sporty Jess! I love a fresh face with just enough color. On a daily bases I wear very little makeup and try and focus on what goes in my body and how I take care of my skin."

Theresa: What keeps you passionate about being a hair and makeup artist?
JW: "I love being around other Artists who like to get out of the box. I crave artistic creativity! Spending time with other incredible Artists who help push me to grow in my artistry."

photo courtesy of Austin Trenholm

Theresa: How do you stand out from other local hair and makeup artists?
JW: "I think we stand out because we love people! I really feel that every client relationship has purpose and I want to make every person that we come into contact with feel special."

Theresa: Tell us about your team.
JW: "My Team is incredible! Each Artist is unique and plays a part in helping everything run smooth and efficiently. They are appreciative and will do anything for each other! We keep our team small in order to have a family atmosphere."

Theresa: What is your favorite part about being in the wedding industry?
JW: "I would have to say the relationships that I’ve built with my colleagues. I have made some amazing friends with the Vendors in our Industry! We support and encourage each other. I love that we will do anything for the client especially referring to make sure that the client is well taken care of."

photos courtesy of Limelight Photography, K&K Photography 
and Limelight Photography (L to R)

Theresa: What is the biggest "mistake" or oversight brides make when choosing their wedding hairstyle or makeup look?
JW: "I would definitely say shopping around for the lowest price. Hair and Makeup in my opinion are just as important as your Photographer so budget accordingly! Another mistake often made is waiting until the last minute to book your Stylists. We get booked up at least 2 seasons ahead so I would find your Artists as soon as you start looking for the rest of your Vendors."

Theresa: Are you seeing any emerging trends in wedding day hairstyles and/or makeup?
JW: "Right now we are seeing lots of headbands and hair accessories along with braids and soft flowing curls or up-dos that have less structure."

Theresa: Of these trends, what do you think will stick around for a while?
JW: "Soft loose up-do’s will never go out of style but I think we are moving back into the time of year where we will see more vintage inspired makeup. Winged liner, red lips and low buns."

photos courtesy of We Are The Mitchell's Photography and Djamel Photography (L to R)

Theresa: What is the process like once a bride books with you?
JW: "Typically after contacting us and finding out that we are available the bride will book a trial. We love trials because this is a time to really get to know your Artist! Also, to try out your inspiration looks on you! Not everyone can have a trial so we talk over the phone so that I can get a idea of what each bride is looking for." 

Theresa: What is the most important question a bride should ask their hair and makeup artist before booking them?
JW: "I would definitely make sure that the style you would like is something that works for your face structure, hair type, etc. So many brides often see a photo in a magazine and bring it to us without realizing that their hair type will not work for the style that they have chosen. I think a great Artist will be comfortable telling a client that the style they have chosen may be slightly different from their end result but still fabulous!"

Theresa: What is the most challenging part of your job?
JW: "I would say that the most challenging part of my job is balancing being a busy Mom of two and business owner but I wouldn’t change a thing!"

Theresa: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
JW: "I am rewarded when I receive emails, card and reviews raving about my team. I absolutely love hearing how much one of my Artists blessed my bride with her thoughtfulness and professionalism. I take such pride in my team!"

photo courtesy of Limelight Photography

Theresa: Are you able to attend a wedding and sit back and relax? Or do you find yourself always thinking about weddings from a hair and makeup artist's perspective?
JW: "I love being a guest at a wedding so much! It is so fun! We tend to finish up before the ceremony so I love being a part of the rest of the day!"

Theresa: What are five things you could not do your job without?
JW: "I could not do my job without the support of my team and Vendors, my Zuca Bag is very important to me. I honestly panic if I have to leave it with my makeup in my car for any reason, my brushes are my most important tools, I am a huge fan of my MAC Cosmetics lip primer! I use it under everything!! I even put it on some of my clients brows when I need to fill them in more then normal, my Husband for supporting me over the years that I have been growing in my craft. He is my biggest cheerleader!"

-Written by Theresa Mezzari, Lead Coordinator

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