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Pro Tip Thursday



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Pro Tip Thursday
This Week we are featuring the ever so talented...
Alicia Rohan with Seaside Invitations

We love, love, love working with Alicia! She is amazingly creative and truly professional! 
Seaside Invitations offers a personal touch to all of your stationary needs
with stunning products and top notch customer service!  

Today, Alicia will be sharing with us tips on
Choosing a printing method for your Invitations

"These days a lot of brides are unaware of the many printing options are available for wedding invitations. Most brides instantly think the only available option is digital printing. Today there are more printing options then ever before that can fit within any type of budget. Each printing method offers its own distinct style and allows the bride to really set the tone and style for the event it reflects. Three of the most common printing methods are: letterpress, thermography, and digital (flat printing).

Letterpress – Letterpress is truly an art form. It began in the 14th century as an alternative to laborious calligraphy. Type (individual letters) was hand set to form sentences within the letterpress base. Ink is then rolled over the type and the type plate is then pressed leaving an indentation into thick, soft paper. Each invitation is handfed and pressed leaving a subtly unique impression. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye and feel.

Thermography – thermography also known as “raised printing”. Unlike embossing where the paper is actually raised; the thermography effect is created by a powder that is melted over the flat printed ink. The high temperature causes the ink to boil and rise. The result is a finished piece with a raised effect you can feel and the raised ink gives off a shiny appearance.

Digital - also known as “flat printing” is the most commonly known option for affordability. Invitations are printed using a commercial quality press, resulting in bold saturated color and crisp text. The finished product has a flat finish.

We consider each invitation to be an individual piece of art that represents the bride’s personality & their wedding details. Here at Seaside Invitations we have eliminated the notion that digital printed invites are the only affordable option. By owning our very own antique press we have mastered the art of letterpress printing and we are able to offer a once pricey printing option at an affordable rate by printing in house. No matter which printing option suits your taste, we are happy to create a beautiful invitation that fits your needs."

Alicia Rohan
{phone} 727.366.2023
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