Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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We LOVE these Wedding Genealogy Charts!
They are customized charts, similar to a family tree, that detail the relationship of the wedded couple to their guests. Great for the cocktail hour and receptions, these charts fill guests in on who’s a friend from childhood, a neighbor, a family member, and more.
Wedding Genealogy charts also serve as a lovely piece of wedding memorabilia.
What a create NEW idea to introduce your guests to YOU, their seats, and each other!

  • The Chandelier Chart encases guests' names in ornamental frames, and personal connections are displayed in the chandelier’s arms.This company also offers other production formats including framing, mounting... so it is a One Stop Shop!
  • The Wedding Lineage Chart is traditional in feel, and guests are organized in a linear, typographic fashion using color, placement and call outs of interesting facts and connections.
  • The Six Degrees Chart features a modern design using seating information, icons, color and size of tables to denote personal connections.
  • The Wedding Bouquet Chart is a colorful and illustrative design that organizes blooms of friends and family into stems by relationship category. Color indicates guests' relationship to the bride, groom or both.
  • The Who's Who chart resembles a color spectrum and uses various shades to indicate how guests are related to the wedded couple. This genealogy can also be printed on the reverse of our “What’s Where” customizable event guide (perfect in multiple for favors or welcome gifts).
  • The Tie the Knot" chart is also a seating chart and features hand-drawn rope borders and nautical details. Guests are organized by table seating, and relation to the wedded couple is specified under each guest's name.
  • The Constellation Chart design is inspired by vintage constellation maps. Guests are organized in a list format by their relationship to the wedded couple. Guests' astrological signs are included as an extra level of detail, and relationship “constellations” are mapped out on the corresponding milky way graphic.
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