Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Quick Tip: How to Apply Flawless Liquid Eyeliner

"No matter whether you prefer pencil or liquid, eyeliner should frame your eyes without making you look over done. Here are some great ways to get a clean finished liquid liner look.

*Pro Tip* To keep liquid liner on all day apply after your eye primer and eyeshadow.

1. Find a liquid liner that is fast drying. This will keep it from smudging as easily. Instead of using the sponge tip brush that comes with the liquid eyeliner find a thin tipped flexible brush.

2. Shake your liquid liner container well and pore a small amount on a flat surface or the back of your hand.

*Pro Tip* Place the mirror on the counter or if using a standing mirror, tilt it back so that you are looking down at the mirror.

3. Use your brush and add enough product that it slides comfortably across the back of your hand.

4. The best way to apply liquid eyeliner is to start by drawing in the center of your upper lash-line out to the corner of your eye.

*Pro Tip* Keep a wet Q-tip handy. Squeeze it flat. After you've applied your liner, pull the Q-tip along the bottom of the line on the outer corner of your eye to give it a sharp finished look. You can also smudge it with a pencil brush.

5. Finish your look by curling your lashes and apply a few coats of your favorite mascara.

Practice makes perfect! Liquid liner takes a steady hand so try different ways of holding your brush!"

Jess Waldrop
Artistic Coordinator/Lead Makeup Artist

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