Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vendor Spotlight - Iza Rekawek {Iza's Flowers}

We have the pleasure of working with this fabulous vendor on a regular basis at the Hilton Clearwater Beach and LOVE her floral and decor designs! Meet Iza Rekawek from Iza's Flowers!

Nicole: How did Iza's Flowers come to be?
IR: "Iza’s Flowers, Inc. will be celebrating its 12th year in business this coming December. Our store was built on the dreams of both my mom and myself going back to our days of watching my grandpa growing flowers in Europe. After moving to the Tampa Bay area, I began taking Business classes at USF while my mother was busy learning the flower business. After a couple of years of hard work, both in the classroom and at local flower shops, Iza’s Flowers was born.  We originally started with a full store front designing arrangements for every occasion. We have realized that our true passion is to create a beautiful floral experience for all types of events with the specialty in weddings."

Nicole: How long have you been working in the wedding industry?
IR: "I have been in the industry from day one Iza's Flowers was established. Twelve years now." 

Nicole: Where does your inspiration come from?
IR: "My Clients are my inspiration and I love fulfilling their dreams for their special day.   Design inspiration comes from many things- I honestly find inspiration everywhere I go- starting with traveling to foreign countries- you will always see me taking photos of arrangements/ flowers/ designs as they are always so different from what we see in the States. We also travel to tradeshows to keep up with the trends – just like my Brides- I spend lots of time on Pinterest too!"

Nicole: How would you describe your personal "style"?
IR: "I may be bit eclectic at times although I tend to lean towards elegant, modern and classic styles."


Nicole: What keeps you passionate about floral design weddings?
IR: "My Clients…they all have a different concept to make their day special.   I also love how arrangements change thru the years.  The bouquets and centerpieces are so different than when we started 12 years ago.   It is so invigorating to come to work each day knowing that I get to help participate in the most important day of so many people’s lives!" 

Nicole: How do you stand out from other local floral vendors?
IR: "We are more hands on than anyone I know  – I have been told that I need to learn to delegate better and let go, however to me- each wedding is very special – I am involved in every step of the planning process- I meet with the bride,  I work on her proposal,  I am there when her bouquet is being designed as well as delivered …. I am involved from step A to Z in the process."



Nicole: What is the process like once a couple contacts Iza's Flowers?
IR: "After establishing that we are available for their date- we like for our Brides to have their colors picked out (their Bridesmaids dresses) as that often establishes the color pallet for their wedding. We like for our brides to come to our studio with inspiration photos in hand, so that during our meeting we can go over their vision for their Big Day!! We brainstorm ideas and then we come back to them with a proposal…. Once the couple books with us, we often invite them back for a “mock up” table set.  A lot of times we will collaborate with their planner and even have a specialty chair and linen brought it to help our couple visualize their d├ęcor better."

Nicole: What is the most important question every couple should ask a floral company before hiring them?
IR: "How involved are YOU going to be in my wedding? Am I going to see you on my wedding day?"

Nicole: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
IR: "Being in Florida- the weather plays tricks on us at times – sometimes we have to hold off with the set up or move the set up inside just a few minutes prior to the ceremony. Rain can be a stinker at times!"

Nicole: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
IR: "When the Bride sees her bouquets for the first time and how speechless they are when they walk into the ballroom and see the space transformed into their perfect day. The most satisfying feeling is after the wedding when they tell you how amazing the flowers looked and recommend you to their friends- we can’t get a better compliment!"

Nicole: Could you tell us your most memorable experience?
IR: "There are many – My most memorable experience actually happened couple years ago while finishing one of our set ups. We were waiting for the cake baker to arrive and set up the cake so that we could decorate it. We were going to add a light accent of hydrangeas on each layer. The Baker arrived late…very frazzled!!! During the delivery- the cake not only collapsed – but cracked in more than one spot. It’s too long of a story to tell, but luckily we had extra hydrangeas with us and did an excellent job of covering up every crack of the cake. The guests were served hydrangeas with a side of cake! At the end of the day- we had a happy bride- and that’s all that matters!!"


Nicole: What are five things you could not do your job without?
IR: "Coffee, Great clients, Great Venues (and their staff), my amazing staff, of course my mom- and did I mention coffee?"

-Written by Nicole Voute, Lead Coordinator

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