Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspiration Boards

We love love love creating Inspiration Boards!
A wedding inspiration board, also known as a wedding story board, is a collage of images and photographs which represent the spirit and tone of your wedding or event. This collage will help decide the wedding’s color palette, theme, decorating ideas and other details, all of which – as the name says – will be the inspiration for your wedding.
Creating wedding inspiration boards also helps to stimulate creativity.
If you find yourself asking... How do I make an inspiration board?
The Answer is easy, just follow these steps below:
  1. Get inspired. Gather photos as you find decor and/or concepts that inspire you (cut them out of magazines, or copy and paste into a desktop file if you are exploring online). You may have already decided on colors and theme, and if so, this is your opportunity to fine-tune it. If not, this will be a time that you narrow down and make decisions about overall wedding concepts. Sometimes I collect photos as if I am planning multiple events, and then decide based on which idea comes together best.
  2. Make a Collage. Making a collage so that you can see everything together is the key part in the process that many brides skip altogether. I see so many girls with 3-inch binders, packed to the gills with thousands of magazine clippings, who never put the concept together before their wedding day. Placing visual representations of everything of everything together on a board so you can see it, will help you visualize the key concepts and colors of your event, and will give you confidence in your vision going forward. I like the idea of using a physical bulletin board of some kind, but it might be easier to use images that you cut and paste from the Internet.  
  3. Tools. You can use many different websites to help you with this process:

 Here are a few samples of our recent photoshoot inspiration boards...

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