Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pro Tip Thursday

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Pro Tip Thursday
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If you need a Candy Bar, Dessert Table, or Sweet Treat... Natalie is the BEST!

Here are just a few of Natalie’s tips on how to create a great candy and dessert table:

1. Candies and Desserts: The table can be a great focal point in a room/venue and I hate to see jars half full or a lot of empty space on the table. The table is meant to “wow” your guests so after designing the table, we then figure out how much dessert or candy you will need depending on the number of guests. Having plenty of candy or desserts also allows guests to take desserts home as favors, and that is the best part.

Giving your guests a variety to choose from is important as well. I love to mix desserts with candy. Think, “small bites.” Guests should feel like they can go back and forth and even, “graze” a bit if they want to.

2. Artistry/Design: Every time I sit down and get ready to sketch, I think about the couple or client and try to incorporate something that inspires me and create my table around it. Is it a monogram? Color palette? Design on an invitation? Let the table and the design tell a story about the event. If I feel stuck or need some inspiration, I will take a break and open a Martha Stewart magazine or check out my favorite blogs (like, Confetti Events). Dessert tables have become increasingly popular for some time and there are some great parties out there, with dessert tables designed and inspired by moms, party planners, designers, etc.

4. Keep color schemes to 1-2 colors: I think it’s important to take control of the color scheme and not go too crazy. The most modern, contemporary table we’ve done was an all-white winter table. Also working with unique color palettes is always fun: orange/gray and yellow/black and all-white. I’m currently in love with just about any color and gray. It just makes any color pop!

5. Backdrop, backdrop, backdrop: Think of the backdrop as a continuation of the table. A great wallpaper and lighting can completely change the look of your table. Sometimes we even look at different hanging elements such as paper lanterns or not that long ago we did a table with butterflies and hung them from the ceiling. It looked great and distracted from the plain wall.

6. Linens: Linens go hand in hand with a backdrop. A great linen will elevate the look of your table. Go with a lighter fabric in the springtime and heavier, like a silk or taffeta for the fall/winter season. Typically, we’ll work with the planner or venue coordinator to ensure that whichever linen is chosen complements the overall feel and look of the room.

Hope a few of these tips help! Of course, you can always check out more on our blog at to see our latest work and inspirations.

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Susie said...

They look fantastic! Great job Chic Sweets for the sweets :)and Shay Cochrane for the photos!