Friday, February 12, 2010

TOP 10 Wedding Trends For 2010

1. Screw the Trends - Be Yourself:

Instead of a cookie-cutter ceremony and reception, the new focus is on customizing the big day for the bride, groom and wedding party.

2. Bright Color, Black Backdrop:

Black accents and bright/ bold colors are in, for everything from bridesmaid dresses to flowers to table linens.

3. Earth-friendly “I Do’s”:

Eco-conscious nuptials are all the rage, featuring pre-owned and vintage wedding dresses, LED lighting, recycled paper invitations and locally grown food and flower choices.

4. Groomed for Success:

Today’s groom dives into the planning process-he’s jumping online and searching blogs like: The Man Registry, The Plunge, Temple of the Groom, The Groom Says, and Ben the Groom.

5. Everything Old Is New Again:

Brides are catching vintage fever and falling head over heels for retro looks like Depression era glass and tea-length dresses.

6. You Can Go Home Again:

Backyard rustic chic is the best way to describe the newest wedding venue.

7. Mix and Mingle:

Instead of a traditional sit down dinner, experiment with a new twist on extended cocktail hours, lounge-style seating or a family-style meals.

8. Return to Romance:

Romance is in the air with special engagement photo sessions, videotaped proposal stories to capture the memory (and possibly share at the reception) and a renewed focus on marriage.

9. Food You Can Eat:

today’s wedding receptions are serving upscale comfort food at sit down meals, buffets and as late night snacks.

10. iDo:

Tech-savvy couples are embracing online wedding planning to save time and money…and tweeting about it along the way.

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