Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Special Project

Our Friends at Kookie Krums are launching a special project for the month of January. We hope you'll take a few minutes to read below, pass along to everyone you know, and participate with us!!
It is for a family struggling with the awful diagnosis of childhood leukemia, and they are a precious, precious family. Kookie Krums had originally intended for the proceeds to benefit the Jackson's family and help them with medical bills and all of those “extras” that come along with having a very sick child. However, the White Family has decided they want to give back to all of those that have been helping them. Instead of using the proceeds for themselves, they have a desire to give it all to the Ronald McDonald House for meals. The RMH provides meals to tired and hurting families that are staying there. All meals are provided by donation only. The White family wants to see just how many meals they can “collect” to give on Jackson’s behalf.
During the month of January, Kookie Krums will donate 50% of all orders placed in Jackson's honor to the white family. So go buy some cookies and... please HELP Jackson!!

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