Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Trend: Birdcage Veils

Birdcage Veils are the new HOT wedding Accessory!
Made popular by vintage Hollywood, these veils were worn by glamorous actresses and brides in 1940s weddings.
Regaining popularity among today’s fashionable brides, the Birdcage Veil is certainly in vogue.
These vintage-style veils lend a flirty, glamorous look to your wedding.
The Birdcage Veil is an easy style to wear, and it is suitable for a wide variety of features.
As seen among Hollywood celebrities, the birdcage veil was spotted on
Katherine Heigl and Drew Barrymore!
The Birdcage Veil is a whimsical, romantic way to finish your wedding look!

Here are a couple of online resources where you can buy birdcage veils:

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