Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

Hot Trends...

o Fantastic Lighting
o “Green” Invitations
o A Cappuccino Bar
o S'more Station
o A Theme Drinks
o A Lounge Area
o Passed Specialty Shots
o Hand Rolled Cigars
o 3-D Invitations
o Blooms Submerged in Water
o Martini Luges
o Guest Greeters
o Edible Centerpieces (think…chocolate topiary)
o Anything that Lights up (tables, centerpieces, glasses, ice cubes)

Color Schemes
o Robins' Egg Blue & Dark brown
o Black & Cobalt Blue
o Chocolate Brown & Red
o Orange & Camel (Beige)
o Tiffany Blue & Red
o Fuchsia & Olive Green
o Yellow & Gray
o Cream & Lime Green
o Purple & Navy

Want to know how to make a cute Chocolate Topiary like this one...

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