Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vendor Spotlight - Grant Hemond & Associates

There is no doubt about it: Music can make or break a wedding. It's the heart and soul of a reception and a good wedding DJ will be able to read the room, have everyone up and dancing and, ultimately ensure everyone has a great time. We talked to Grant Hemond and Associates to find out a little more about them and how they will make your reception one to remember!

N: How long had Grant Hemond been around?
GH: Since 1985

N: Where does your inspiration come from?
GH: Our business was built on the idea to give clients the best possible disc jockey/emcee entertainment for their special events.  After 29 years of business, we are still upholding that same quality of service.  Being a part of such a memorable event in so many lives is an inspiration all in itself.

N: How would you describe your personal "style"?
GH: Our “personal” style is whatever our client wants us to have!  After all it’s their event, not ours.

N: What keeps you passionate about DJ-ing weddings/events?
GH: Again, being a part of such a memorable event is the key to our inspiration and passion. 

N: What's the most important question someone should ask when booking?
GH: "May I get references please?"  References are the backbone of our business!  And not just previous brides and grooms but professional references like Wedding Coordinators, Banquet Directors, Caterers and other Industry Vendors.  They’re the ones that get a chance to see DJs just about every weekend so they’ll have a better idea of who to recommend…and who to steer clear from.

N: What is the process like once a prospective client contacts you?
GH: The process when a couple contacts us starts out with a phone call or email from them.  We typically handle every potential client right over the phone or through email since –being DJs- there’s really nothing we can show you in person that we can’t do over the phone.  Except for seeing our smiling faces!  And that’s why we mail out our group photo to potential clients along with other literature about our company.  We will discuss their needs for their event.  If we have impressed them enough to hire us then we send them a contract to sign and return with a 30% deposit.  When it gets closer to their date, that’s when their DJ will contact them to discuss all the specific details of their big day.  Since our DJs have events every single weekend, we’ve found most success in waiting because everything will be fresh in his mind for that couple’s event and also because it’s amazing how many little changes/revisions will occur so we like to be on the same page regarding all details.  Then the balance isn’t due until the very end of their event when they are satisfied with our service.

N: What is your favorite part about your job?
GH: We make a living off of playing music and emceeing at weddings which are usually described as one of the happiest moments of somebody’s life!  We love our job!

N: How do you stand out from other local DJs?
GH: We stand out from other local wedding DJs by the number of years we’ve been in business as well as the number of DJ associates we have.  We have 15 full time DJs that do this for a living.  We are not an agency either so that number is not based on a revolving door.  All our DJs have been with us for years, not months.  We like to look at ourselves as a family of DJs and not just a business.

N: What is the biggest "mistake" someone can make when booking a DJ?
GH: Two “mistakes” that we feel stand out the most is 1) booking a DJ based solely on price (there are many different factors that go into the final quote- date, length of time, what’s needed for that specific event, etc.), and 2) booking a friend as the DJ!  We cringe anytime we hear this!  It’s typically a telltale sign that the event will not be emceed properly or worse yet, the DJ friend has to cancel a couple weeks out for whatever reason.

N: What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
GH: Difficult clients…but isn’t that par for the course no matter what business you’re in?!  Fortunately they are far and few in between though.

N: What is your "go-to" dance song when you want to get people going?
GH: There really isn’t just one go-to dance song.  It all depends on the demographics of the crowd we’re playing to.  What works for one group might not necessarily work for another.  We pride ourselves on reading the crowd and tailoring to fit the preferences and tastes of each individual event.

N: What are five things you couldn't do your job without?
GH: Only 5 things??  Okay, we’ll try: 1) Referrals!  Without happy customers and fellow vendors, we wouldn’t be in business! 2) The knowledge and demand to provide the best customer service instilled that our business was built on, 3) State of the art commercial audio equipment, 4) Our Disc Jockey associates that care about each and every event as we know our clients do and 5) Our office staff that handles all the scheduling, bookings and “behind the curtain” work so that our DJs can go out there and help create lifetime memories.

-Written by Nicole Voute, Lead Coordinator

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